Astra update please

  • hi astra

    my angel:)

    just hoping to get an update of me n ronald......... havent heard much from him:(

    u know of my situation....... im trying not to stress esp. in my delicate state.

    would really appreciate it my darling

    elena 3 0 sept.0 69

    19 sept .72 ron

  • Hi caribchic

    Well the real angels get all the credit, I like to flip the cards πŸ™‚

    Okay I took another look and I am sticking with what we talked about before, this still looks very good to me for R to return, to have something develop and it looks like it will occur suddenly.

    Ace of Cups at present, that seems to be you alone

    crossed with 6 wands, hopes for a successful outcome

    Above 6 swords... below Ace pentacles...

    Prior 3 of swords, ahead JUSTICE. That energy is working him over I think...

    Then future environment 8 cups that is developments... quickly emotions, feelings, relationship.

    Outer influences Hanged Man - I think that is you at present, you can't really do much which is as it should be.

    Then the hopes + concerns 8 Wands. so more energy provoking matters, and the outcome is Strength, power, instincts.

    So here is the deak caribchic. Does HE know he is responsible for this event? If he does, then he is bucking race genetics and instincts (Strength card) to avoid you. So if this ain't gonna go well for him if he runs. This is way past love and emotions and relationship now... this is duty, honor, doing the right thing and he is not the one designing how the game is played.

    So your best bet is to stay calm, and DO NOT DO ANYTHING. Don't call him, don't reach out to him, DO NOTHING and let the angels do the rest. As long as you don't stir things up they can "arrange" just about anything to bring him into your picture.

    Sound good? Relax, take care of yourself. Love you, stock up on good books and magazines (I prefer UFO and weird science mags and Sci Fi). Take it easy (Hanged Man, I think that is an influence on you right now.)

    That was kinda a quick reading... take care... the good news is the 3 swords is in the past and not ahead! And there is s justice angel intervening... look out Ron...



  • thank u my darling......really appreciate it.

    yes he knws he is fully genetically responsiiblet so yes i wil lay low.t go to the spa,the beach and try to s

  • yes i do feel like a hanged woman!!!

    i think i just feel a little alone n neglected but i will take your advice.

    enjoy your weekend my angel

    hugs and sunshine from my island.....

    carnival is coming up. i better go find a party to go to!!!!


  • I will circle back with you on this caribchic, I am really trying to see your situation and offer what I can in the way of helpful energies to see R integrated in your life. I think a key here is "low key" as in send non-binding energies his way when you think of him, keep things light as you are doing, lots of sunshine... I will continue to reflect on your setting and let you know what happens to come to mind...

  • thank u astra my angel.....


    really really appreciate it!!

  • Hey caribchic

    I took a closer look at you and R this morning and I think I kinda see what is going on with him. I still think it will work out for you.

    Drew 5 cards one a time for each of you, like a cross. You were

    Queen Pentacles

    Ace pentacles -- Page Pentacles -- Strength


    R is

    Ace Pentacles

    Temperance -- King Cups -- 6 Cups

    9 of Swords

    So above both of you (everything besides your feet/steps) are ALL love (cups) and money (Pentacles)

    You are holding an Ace pentacle behind your back, he is thinking Ace Pentacle... so you have that in common.

    SO it is a money issue between you and him I believe... he knows that is a factor now, as in, who is responsible for what ($) and while he does care about you 6 cups he is being very cautious now that the die is cast (temperance).

    You are the Serpent (teth) to him now - that is the Strength card, so he is wary of being boxed into a situation that straps him financially, although he knows deep down he should help... help means contact though, and contact means discussion and who knows where that lesds... so he is being very cautious. I think maybe he is not exactly wealthy?

    Your concerns seem primarily money now. Not so much love. Now it is, WHO is going to pay? THere is a LOT of pentacles with you and a lot of cups with him. So he wants to love, you need the dough, (I am sure you want the love too, its just that now there are new financial demands that were unfortunately were never discussed before "it" happened).

    Below you is the Moon which means you are running on a lot of emotional energy right now. No doubt. Ups and downs.

    R is working on 9 swords energy which means he is beside himself thinking about things and it is probably a nifghtmare for him. He doen't want to get involved with you and have love turn into arguments or anything abt $$ as that will spoil the love and then it goes downhill/

    So it is a tough spot for both of you.

    I looked though at the path and this is what seems to be developing...

    7 wands ... WHEEL... Page of Swords

    So this is what I get. Something is going to change or develop with you $$ so that relieves the pressure that R feels, and then he makes a first step toward you at least communicating again (page swords). So somehow you play a role in deflecting some of that financial energy pressures I am not sure how, and I do not know what your financial position is though I have a sense you probably aren't independently wealthy either.

    For now though... 7 of Wands which means nothing is happening in path here, so best to just chill... anyway that is what I get maybe that will spark some ideas for you in the $$ realm while you are taking it easy... relflect I guess.... listen, see what you pick up



  • Moon not Mon

  • Thank you Astra for providing this insight for me.... I really appreciate it as you know ... πŸ™‚

    Yes I am in a tough position financially.... I am already a single mom on one salary and he also has a daughter from his marriage so we are really in a tight spot. and so no one is talking about this elephant in the room.

    And yes i am soooooo emotional right now with worry, fear ,fretting about the future etc. as you can well imagine with this additional factor does not help and so beyond me sometimes how emotional i get.

    I am taking one day at a time and just trying to survive this.

    As we say here "you cant feed love on hungry belly". and that is true about the financial situation. He is the kind of guy who is independent comes and goes as he feels. which is why I Felt like he really isn’t all that interested and doesn’t have all that feelings because of how sporadic he keeps the relationship. All this stops and starts and disappearing.

    I am working towards a financial situation now that will relieve the $$stress a little bit. I have not asked him for one cent/dime . I am going it alone as if he were not there medically and financially and waiting for HIM to contribute. So maybe that is why you see that is on my mind I am trying to figure out a solution on my own. He is not wealthy does not hold a good job and I am in a better position than him job wise too. This is the Caribbean you know not the US ha ha πŸ™‚

    So despite all these things and even from the readings prior to this , you still feel he has love and feelings for me despite the new factor. yes I can imagine we are both worried bout the finances which is a real issue. after all you know these "things" are not cheap πŸ˜‰

    I really thank you astra, I mean i wonder how much more worse can my life get, but I am trying to see it as a blessing..... and your help and advice has been invaluable..... that’s why I don’t mind getting you at fiverr I really feel you should be compensated for your advice πŸ™‚

    Hugs and love


    Does he still feel love for me and a future or is it rather about obligation?

    I’m not the kind of woman who will want to β€œtrap” a man, that’s why I want to know how genuine he is.

  • He does really care about you caribchic.

    It was physical yes (6S), however he feels a deep (8C) love (6C) for you. This event has not changed anything, it is just the financial part that is probably freaking him out a little. I think were the finances not an issue you would be seeing him and all would be lovely... I mean, it is a lovely time! Life is lovely! We should be SINGING when we are watching new life and paths take shape!

    We will keep looking at your situation and should I see something new I will let you know. Hang in there (what else can you do, right?)

    I have the sense that R is a very quiet man, and is not the best at opening up to you? It could be a panic mode for him a little, and as he doesn't know if he can handle himself emotionally, he is avoiding you. I think guys do this a lot, I know I have in the past in situations... sort of sticking your head in the sand and hoping it will all fix itself magically...

    Argh, why is life like this... and relationships so tough so often... I really do not understand.......

  • Yes why is life like this in truth???

    I feel as if someone up there like playing a cosmic joke on me ,,,, I mean for real ,,,, how much tangled can my life be?? I would have thought the older i get it would become more easier apparently not.... it just seems to be harder and more complicated.... sigh....

    Well good luck to you in finding real authentic love πŸ™‚ arent we all just looking for that ...

    Hugs and many thanks

    enjoy your weekend....

    caribchic πŸ™‚


  • Hi Astra

    Happy valentines day to you !!! πŸ™‚ lots of hugs and sunshine to you πŸ™‚ hope you can survive the day...I 'm just plodding on through this day and seeing roses everywhere UGH but none for me


    lol I'll survive i hope.

    any update on me and Ronald. of course i havent heard anthing much from him. He was too busy partying for the past week with Carnival here.... so havent seen him.....

    Carib πŸ™‚

    I'll try to feeeel the love for the day.

  • Hi CaribChic

    I just took a look, with this question:

    Q: What is the outlook for caribchic based on her present path, and making no changes?

    Then a Celtic Cross to examine the outlook (I am making some adjustments with you as regards how we interpret the cards so I hope it works...)

    1. Situation = 3 of Cups - 3's are "yearning" energies, growing but yearning. They want to get to the "4" which is the energy of stability. So I am going to say your "situation" in life at present is characterized by emotional desire or yearning (probably for Ron to get off his rear and show up).

    2. Crossing = Queen of Pentacles - this is 4 energy of material and financial, so this is a "challenge" to your desire for love. You are also aware that what you really need is substance, security and established home/financial/material needs met in a solid way.

    3. Above = 10 of Swords. Intellectual overload maybe. There is a 7S in the past so that was reflection on your life events and "what to do?", and now that seems to have ramped up to some very intense thinking (concerns) about matters (remaining where they are with no changes).

    4. Below = 3 of Wands - Path yearning, deep down what you really want/need is an established path in your life (4).

    5. Past = 7 of Swords - Here is the reflecting swords I mentioned. Life has handed you a "situation" that has caused you to ponder and reflect a lot on your life events and where things are going. Your path so far has been characterized by some deep thinking about things.

    6. Ahead = 2 of Pentacles - 2's are the most basic growth number so this seems to show a "basic" balanced material/home/security provision. This sounds like near to come is a balanced (not a whole lot) but balanced financial/material/home needs being supplied.

    7. Future environment = Strength (6P + AC) - this is actually a very positive card for an outlook as what your setting will look like (assuming you make no drastic changes on your current path). This is a very solid, materially dependable setting, with a new emotion or feeling also a part of the mix. So this "feels" very good to me, like something must develop out of your path that has you being provided for in the best way (6P) and there is also a new love beginning it seems (AC).

    8. Outer influences - 4 Cups - this is an "outer" influence coming toward you, now from you. So someone or something is showering you with a love stability, an emotionally solid foundation is presented to you, you are the recipient of this established love from someone/something.

    9. Hopes and concerns/possible adice = The Fool. This is the one card that seemed to say "watch yourself" in this area. This is 8C energy plus Ace Pents. So this feels to me like you are "hoping" a lot for something to change, but nothing is changing. In other words, you are trusting, but not doing much (or feel like you can't do much) to change things. Doing nothing right now is a problem for you only because you LIKE to take action, so feeling like you are a fool for letting your life reach this point has caused some concerns for you. The thing is, the outcome looks very good...

    10. Outcome of carib chic's "present path, and making no changes" = The Star. That is a 4 Pentacle + Ace Swords which is exactly what you need. Material supply and provision, very established for your developing family situation, and a very simple thought pattern, very clear headed (Ace of Swords) and so that bodes well after all of this 10 swords energy you are contending with at present.

    Taking these two card positions together, along with the 3 Cups (emotional) yearning you have right now adds up to a positive outcome to me...

    The emotional yearning is answered by a new love/feeling that will be a part of your "environment" and the material needs you have (QP - crossing card) is met very well by the Future environment also, (6 Pent) and the outcome card (Star, 4 pentacles). Those 2 cards together look fantastic for your physical needs being met and a new love it seems.

    Now, that is the "reading". Anything beyond that is pure speculation.

    For example, as regards "Ronald", I am not seeing any male cards in the reading. None. Not a king, not a knight, not even a page. The only possible inference of a male energy is a 3 Wand "below" you as a foundation so that doesn't even appear as an active energy, more of a background.

    However, there DOES appear to be a helpful emotional "something or other" coming in soon, as evidenced by the Ace Cups in the future environment position as well as the 4 Cups in the outer influences position. So taken together, I would say that you receive some great emotional support from someone, who enters your life path. There are no cups in the final outcome card though, so it is possible that what develops is emotional support and provisions for you during a phase of life. Could be temporary to get you through a time period.

    I know i have seen R showing up again, this reading doesn't show that (to me). Now, he "could" be this new Ace cups, but that really implied a new love starting, and it sounds like you and him have a history, so for that to be a new love between the two of you, would seem to imply that he has some sort of 'experience' like, OMG I love caribchic so much... and he comes running to you. Do you see that happening with him? Knowing what you know about him? Otherwise, i think it is someone (or something, could be a group even) that helps you emotionally and materially. Church, local support group, how well are you connected in your community?

    Okay caribchic that is my BEST effort for you in a reading right now, I am trying to be honest and forthright and I hope this has helped.

    Now, if you have OPTIONS in your life, like a change of setting or a choice to accept some path, we could look at that and see what the outcome would be to that. This reading was based on your making no changes in your path.

    Path however seems to be an area you are also "yearning" for... as there are NO wands in your reading beyond the foundation 3 yearning path card. So the "advice" from the reading seems to be to replace that FOOL card "wishful hopes perhaps" with something more focused on path, like a 4 Wands knowing where you are going with your life. Easier said than done I know... however path is a need for you... being clear about who you are (role) and destination. However, as a female your role is largely already carved out, nurturing, even more so now. So we can keep an eye on that for you...



  • Wow this reading is so different from the previous ones.... 😞

    I dont expect anything from R. I am just trying to go ahead alone if i have to... it's odd he isnt showing up in this reading as before 😞

    I think it means he doesnt really care as before you picked up alot of cups....

    I'm not sure about a new love after all who wants to go out with a woman in this state...I am not feeling at my most attractive lol and i doubt that R. will have some grand epiphany and show up like the knight in shining armour..... I dont know what that means 😞

    Astra thanks for you invaluable insight. i'm shocked how the cards reflect something so different now. I thought was the money problems but it appears as if he really wants to run from his duty and honour and doing the right thing .... 😞

    😞 think i'll have a sad weekend astra 😞

    You have a good one for me

    Hugs carib....

  • carib chic

    I can't explain the change in the cards either. Take whatever I say with your own intuition trumping that. I can't offer advice, I am just a card reader. And I am always learning. This is YOUR life caribchic, YOU get to decide what you want from it. YOU make choices and take steps and actions... then YOU get to experience the results and now you can take take steps to see what will change as a result.

    PLEASE keep in mind the way I phrased the question - the outlook with you taking no action. Now if you take some actions, then we can look at the outcome that way.

    Listen caribchic, your future is not some fixed destined thing that you can't change. YOU have a lot more ability than you realize to see positive changes come about. The cards are only showing one path. You want a different path then simply come up with a plan of action and then you can look at that path outcome using the tarot.

    Do you understand anything of what I am saying? Or do you believe that your future is etched in granite and can't change?

    This is also a FREE forum, I get paid nothing for this, so I am still learning... can you trust what I tell you? That is up to you to decide. I would be happy to try and work with you in some way to offer some guidance/feedback to you knowing your life situation, however this forum is not the place for that.


  • I do trust what you are saying Astra.... And I would like to email you.

    my address is caribchic at hotmail. what is yours ?

    Well surprise surpirse after that reading I was depressed friday evening I went home and called a gf for some support. However saturday night R. did show up by me unexpectedly and WAS very nice to me and brought some dinner too. I dont know if it is taking him a while to accept or what but i just took the Saturday night for what it is and no expectations.... so that cheered me up a little..... but I dont want to be on a string waiting for him to jump in and out. I hate being negative in this state as you had said this is atime to be rejoicing and happy.....

    so it seemed he was nice for the saturday night... well who knows what will happen this week.

    can u just to a status check on how R. feels about me ?

    carib πŸ™‚

    im trying....

  • Hey caribchic that is fantastic!!!!!!


    R has a good heart... he wants to do the right thing... that is so awseome...

    I am praying you and him get together!!!!!!!

    I will take a look at this shortly, and will drop you an email.... you are doing great, I know that God will take care of you...


  • Hey caribchic

    I sent you a reading to your email, I saw nice things ahead for you and R! I hope it is a blessing to you!

    love and light


  • Hey Astra

    Thanks for the beautiful reading it gave me a lot of hope.... You know i have reached like rock bottom in expecting anything but I am trying to be +++ for the sake of the you know what.... Yesterday I saw R. again and he gave me a little Valentine day pressie basket LOL.... he looked shy to even give me... Well I was in shock because that is the first tangible present I ever received from him...... (!!!) I really hope he is coming around . And you are right he is a very difficult man to read and he is very quiet in a stoic way not showing much feelings only after a few beers he may speak his airtight mind and then I will have some idea what he is thinking.....

    I will keep you posted and thanks for supporting me in this veryyy trying time.... you can imagine I am really like the MOOn,,,,, full of turbulent emotions....


    Carib πŸ™‚

  • Hi Astra

    How are you doing my darling ?:) i'm swell πŸ˜‰ hee hee

    Can u give me an update on me and R. ? He is still silent and hiding... not much since i last spoke to u.....

    what do the cards reflect on how he feels or what he thinks?



    i'm a little stressed out but im coping....

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