Newly engaged, would like a reading please

  • Hello Im newly engaged to the man in my life 🙂 finakky my dreams are starting to materialize! however my fiance just got hired for this new trucking company and it will keep him on the road and he will be home 3-6 days a month! this totally sucks and i hate it but theres little that can be done right now, it has been hard for him to get a job and he worked so hard, invested time and money into getting his cdl license. he would consider going to local company eventually even though he prefers the open road, but he wants me to happy as well. however no local company will hire a rookie, they want anywhere between 2-3 yrs experience over the road im at our apartment with our two dogs, and im going to college,working,etc.. and planning the wedding during my free time. i miss my fiance, and wish he could be home every night, i cry all the time, and its lonely hsving to go day to day without him. how will this job work for him? will he stay with them long? will we be able to get our wedding planned,etc without any major delays/issues?

  • Hi

    I know u´re a tad miserable n u blind urself with all kinds of worries. Now i try not to b harsh or cruel. Ur man got a job. In this time n place ALL over the world is this a MIRACLE!. Many would KILL for a job even if its on the road n hardly at home, or on an oil rig 14 days at a time.

    I believe u need a different perspective of what this job of his can do for u both. We all know years go by fast, so b4 you know it he´ll have the experience knowhow n more to work closer to home. I wish u would try n see this as a stepping stone 4 what u both wish to happen.

    its not a forever solution but a temporary one.

    Also this is a huge chance 4 you both to work on urselves. to develope, to grow as oneself but also as a pair. Consider that this apart can make u grow closer n fonder of each other. which in end could mean u will stay married longer rather than shorter.

    dont get me wrong i aint saying u wont make it BUT this could help make is more solid. long lasting.

    from the last lines of ur post i feel u urself have stopped focussed on what makes u you. what abiout ur own job? education? what about ur hobbies? ur gf´s`? an engagement does not mean all else of u is to slip slide away. u do not morph into ur partner n allow all his b all urs as well. any relationship contains of 2 individuals whio unite harmoneously.

    u may not mean it as such but to me it comes across im engaged now n im to b exactly as my man, ill forget all of my life friends work hobbies, ill forget all that makes me me.

    Now more than ever u need to focus on u. He has his, now u turn back to urs. get ur best gf´s to help u with wedding plans, ask ur mom.

    Ur plans 4 wedding will go well n the wedding will b romantic n lovely. it will go off without a hitch. all u got to do it focus POSITIVELY on this. dont worry too much dont doubt too much.

    think u can do this sweetie? if u feel all tighten again, go somewhere n scream ur head off. then breathe focvussed slow n even until u feel calm settle again.

    So congrats on ur engagement, congrats to ur man on landing a good job when they r short in supply, n 4 u a hug n pat on shoulder to say u CAN do THIS!

    if u need more ask again. In end its all about programing ur thinkings.


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