Need a reading please!!! Hardest time in my life!!!

  • Can someone please help!!! My fiancé and I have been together for 2 1/2 years!,, he just got assigned to a job overseas in Australia, his birthday is 11/03/65, mine is9/23/67. This has been the worst experience of my life. Can someone please give me some insight into this situation. Thank you for your help....

  • I feel a difference of attitudes here - you want to experience life through another person while your fiancé just wants to be spontaneous and have adventures and doesn't mind if he does that on his own. I feel this relationship works best as a friendship since you share a good sense of humour and enjoy a variety of social activities together. Your differences are large - while you are more concerned with social matters and externals, your partner focuses on personal issues and his complex inner life. Yet you can bring out his extroverted side and he can help you focus your attention on the matters at hand.

    But his moods may get too oppressive for you, leaving you feeling helpless and overwhelmed at times since you prefer to keep things on a more light-hearted note. Don't make the mistake of sweeping your problems and differences under the carpet - they will only get worse over time, not improve. There is definitely a darker side to this relationship which you should ponder while your fiancé is away. Being a Scorpio, he may have problems being faithful to you if he is gone too long.

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