Hi Capatain! Can you please help me?

  • I have known him since I was 23. Was attracted to him then. He was married and I stopped flirting when I found out. He has ethics and loved his wife, never flirting back.

    Met him again Nov. His wife passed away a year and a half ago. I find him attractive.

    He had the chance to help my music career. He wasn't into my music. He dose like my writing though. Even when we discussed business I had to keep my emotions to myself. Had to keep telling myself to keep it professional.

    I wrote a song for him about his loss. And I wrote one about how I feel about him. He knows I flirt with him. He knows the song I wrote for him about how I feel about him.

    The age difference is a lot by usual standards, but I don't care, I really would like to know what its like to be with him. To take walks with him. To be kissed by him. To have long conversations. I am not going to tell him this. I feel he knows through my song. He may not be attracted to me. I want him to be.

    We only talked business and I want him to know me outside of that, I don't want him to only see me as someone who wants a career from him. I don't want to contact him. he came to my show 2 weeks ago and gently told me its not his kind of music. Though I do perform his kind, I simply did't use the right judgment for my selection.

    I figure to want till I get more songs together or just leave him be till hr contacts me, since he said he'll see what he can do with some songs.

    Will he do something with my music? And change his mind to do business with me? will he think about the song I wrote about my feelings for him? And be brave enough and open enough to give us a chance? (He loved the song I wrote about the loss of love). Is there a chance he is attracted to me and will he allow himself to venture further with me? will he come to me?

    him: 7-7-37

    me: 9-21-65

    Thank you in advance.

  • oh yea, when he talks I just melt. I enjoy his company & talking to him.

  • According to astrology, there is not enough mutual understanding for a real friendship to develop here, but a romantic relationship could be temporarily rewarding. Unfortunately though you both have leadership qualities, and together you have the opposite effect on each other and your relationship can drift without any direction unless it gets an injection of willpower. Indecision and breakdown can easily occur here. You no doubt find this guy attractive and interesting and he would feel flattered by your attention. But he will make it obvious if he is interested and can often come on very quick and strong. You have given him enough hints but he has not responded. He may still be mourning his wife and would not appreciate your advances, since Cancer people often linger in the past and don't enjoy social contact as much as you do. He may likely not want another romantic relationship or be comfortable with the age difference. The chances are high that this relationship as a romance would not last for long and would burn out quite quickly. He would likely be the one to leave you if you did not measure up to the wife has hs loved and lost. If you want to work with him professionally, then a romance is definitely not recommended..

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