Help! I have a legal mediation on 9/09/09 at 9:00am.

  • I am going to meet with the Attorneys of the jerk who rear ended me 4 years ago. He ran into the back of my Camry while I was stopped at a stop light (I had made my first payment on the car the day before). He was driving a large Dodge Ram truck with a big wood push bar on the front and drove me into the back end of another big Ram truck, totalling my car and making it 4 feet shorter. I have had serious problems with my neck and back since then. I already had a titanium plate and screws in my neck from a horse injury several years before.

    My question is how portentious is 9/09/09@9 for me? I have heard that it is a great day for it and that I need to rescedule. I just don't know.

  • I have heard that the number 9 is supposed to mean the ending of something. rola12

  • Relax, Karma is coming back to haunt your tormentor.

    4 9's indicate a good outcome and the matter will be resolved in your favor.

    I am sensing you will receive a settlement from his insurance company.

    If the amount that is offered seems great, outstanding would be better. Total up all your bills, days of missed work and any out of pocket money you have spent, plus damages should put you in the money. Keep the appointment, by all means. Your guides are pointing to success.

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