Hi Captain, a question about my car

  • Recently my car broke down and I took it to the dealer to get it fixed. My car is pretty brand new and it's under warrenty. My friend who is very knowledgeable abt cars checked my car and said it might be a minor prob n they will probably fix my car for free. Somehow the dealer called me today telling me I have to pay a lot to replace a part... I'm thinking to negioatiate with them and at the same time, call their customer service to complain.. Hope it helps... Money has been right.. Hmm do u feel if I can get out of the payment or will I at least only pay a small potion of what they orginally wanted? Thanks!

  • I am confused - is the car dealership fixing your car or your friend?

  • Car dealership. In fact, I have been talking with them. It's my fault and I will hav to pay to get it repaired. Just wondering if I can cut the price down?

  • Doesn't your warranty cover parts? If you are worried that the price seems high, get a second opinion from another mechanic.

  • Capt is right get a 2nd opinion, dealerships will always charge a higher price and the will also try to charge for something that is under warranty . how is it your fault if the part is under warranty? also check the web to see if that particular part has been recalled or if others have the same issue with the same car

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