Captain - please update me

  • I know that things are at the about to start to change. I was recently told to accept where I am and just when I get used to that idea of living in limbo things are starting to heat up again.

    The house never sold last year. i took it off the market. He got the picture "she's just not that into him". And he had to go back to Afghanistan. He is at his wits end with there and is telling me he's going to quit without job prospects. I don't think he will or should I say I have a feeling that his boss will convince him to stay. But it is disconcerting to think I can only pay the mortgage with my salary and that he will come home and be mean etc.

    I just am not sure if I should try with him any more and to ask him to get help or if he would even consider it. I don't know what I should do with myself. What I will financially be able to handle. I will have to quit my job when the house sells because I am going to go south.

    I feel very strong intuitions about things but am not sure where to start in developing this.

    What do you see or read about this situation?

    Thank you as always for your wonderful insite. J3nnygr

  • I see that your husband is not holding up his end of the marriage contract. He has gone after another woman, left you to handle things financially and emotionally, and worries too much about himself and not about you. I see no reason to hang on to this guy who is so completely useless to you. You deserve someone who will be an equal and loving partner, and not a scattered child-man. But only you can say if you still really love him or not.

  • Is there any hope for his lost soul? And our relationship? I know the disease is not the man. I do still love him. Yes I deserve an equal partner. I know that we are soulmates and have been together in three other past lives. But I also know that just because he is my soulmate does not guarantee a happy life together. He has a lot of daemons to to conquer. Will he lose the battle because he is too broken? I know have have a lot of empathy for him and I would hate to see him sleeping under a bridge or worse yet - die alone.

  • You cannot save him on your own. Unless he makes an effort to fight his demons himself and be a better man, he will drag you down too. He expects you to be there for him and do all the work.

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