On Oct 14th I will be in court due a arbitration case

  • Can anyone help me by doing a reading about this case. I have allot of anxiety about it; and do feel I was treated by my former employer wrongly. I have been out of work for 9 months and it will be longer if I don't get the job I recently interviewed for. I also plan to move from my home state to another state for this work. I guess I have two questions. Will I Get the job in AZ and will I win this arbitration case. Please anyone help me. I would do my own tarots but I never am able to read them for myself because my emotions get in the way. (Judi)

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    you have a lot going on.. I read your earlier posts and it looks like you are trying to help others as well. I do think someone should payback to you the same way.

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  • i am in arbitration on the 19th of this month due to being wrongly treated in a career situation. although i think this is a fantastic resource for support, I also believe strongly in knowing what legal precedence might have occurred before in similar legal situations. And what "arbitration" means in your case. This way you can see what the most probable outcome might be. And what the possible outcomes can be.THEN you can look for council to try to effect the outcome. Good advisors will need this info to give you advice and tune in more quickly.

    in my case arbitration is just the court's way of stepping in to help the conversation move along and avoid court. They will make no ruling on the meeting, only act as a calming and logical proponent for resolution. They will record any resolution both parties agree to and write up a contract for both to sign.

    In some courts the arbitrator will act as a lower-level judiciary and make a ruling. Usually in larger cities where the courts are more bogged down. but the decision here can still be contended and you can still be dragged into court.

    My advice is that if you were wronged, start first with good legal council. Public is available to everyone. private available even if you have no money if there is a sizable settlement....over $20K...at stake. in most cases companies try to wear people like you and me down, think we won't follow through to the end. So if you are TRULY in the right, stick to it. Keep going. But don't let it stop your life. Persevere. Be your own champion while your life continues forward.

    The best spiritual and charmic advice you can ask is "Am I doing the right thing by pursuing this?". And "Even if I am in the right, ultimately, do I, HONESTLY, feel, on the most honest personal level, that I hold any personal responsibilty?" And either way you answer that, "If this a battle that will interrupt my life's path and derail me from my purpose, should I really continue this conflict?".

    Otherwise, you could get an advisory answer that might reveal that you will win or lose, but you will not really know how it will affect your life!

    Anyway, these are the difficult questions I am having to pose to myself right now. I have come to discover that the battle can be more destructive than I am willing to endure, even if I win. I may have to say to myself, "He was a horrible person to me and he has done me wrong, personally, professionally and financially. But I have to let it go and move on." And if I believe in all that is good, as I do, I will believe that I am not the person that needs to ultimately punish or penalize him for this or witness that outcome because it may not happen in this lifetime or right now. And I will chalk it up to something I needed to learn.

    And trust me, this company was horrific to me. As a woman, they sexually threatened, coerced and propositioned me. As a professional, they tried to smear my reputation, and as a responsible business participant, they are trying to stiff me for $30K. And I have had to pay others for 70% of that. They used my industry reputation and knowledge to get them into a highly discounted and respected arena. They took plans developed by my company and presented them to gain approval by a national retailer and dishonestly claimed they were executing them to put their product on the shelf. They were 1000X over dishonest and manipulative in the worst way I have ever seen in a business environment.

    Every ounce of my core wants to spend every penny I have to crush them. And it would seem like I have the evidence to do it. But that's not reality. Reality is they can drag it on until I run out of funds. And because of the way the law is written, they can get away with it unless I spend 10X more than I could ever hope of winning.

    So that is the sad truth in business today. Unless you have an iron clad case that a killer attorney is working for you, your chances are slim. And the fact that you are in arbitration to begin with tells me that you are probably not in an iron clad situation. So right or wrong, good or bad, you should be asking for guidance on what you need to do to MOVE ON and what you are supposed to be learning from this.

    Ask a public legal aid what you should try to settle for that will be in the range of negotiable if you do not have counsel. Do not dwell on it and be private about it. Do not share it with any perspective employers. As unfair as it may seem, it could KILL job prospects dead in the water. Decide if you want this job that makes you move, on every level. Is this a good cultural fit for you? Ask yourself the hard questions. If this is a desperate move DON'T GO. Downsize and do whatever it takes to stay afloat. Even sell your house like we might.

    Figure out what YOU want to do in this life. And go for it.

    I wish you success in every possible situation but mostly, I wish for you to find personal clarity that will drive you. Then you will see that spiritual guidance from advisers can only help you fine tune your navigation. But not because they tell you what to do. Because they help you see yourself more clearly so you will KNOW what YOU want. And that would be the best guidance anyone should want, in the long run. Cause' until you look in that mirror and realize it's JUST YOU responsible for your happiness, it's all a game, avoiding, blaming, and basically stalling so the weight of that responsibility can be shared. I swear, the more you take on, the happier you'll be, alone or partnered.

    If you want to talk, text back. I'm here. We'll connect. No service, no adviser, just friend.

  • How do I find your blog. HighPO6 I went to blogs and never saw you listed or I had no idea it was you.

  • My bithday 12-22-57 I can't find your blog . I tried (Judi)

  • Hi AddRN;

    my blog address is posted all over in different threads at tarot.com

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    Now that I have your info I will post your reading very soon 🙂

  • when should I check your blog and what do I type in for access to you . Went to this site nad it doesn't seem to know you as HighP09 (Judi)

  • Hi Judi

    no my screename there is Biancat

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    I posted the answer for you there. Please let me know if you found it-

    it is under the readings for week ending Aug 22nd.

  • this is a blog I only join into when i am driven to it, sorry to leave you hanging. if u r interested in talking more, find me on facebook: search kimwp in atlanta and ask to be connected and we can talk. sorry to be so cryptic, crazies out there, would love to help and be a support.

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    since I am dealing with a similar situation still unresolved, can you share your advice with me as well>

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    who are you talking to? addRN?

    what blog are you talking about?

  • talking to you. wanted to see ur response to AddRN, see my response to her for background

  • this is when I crave IM

  • Biancat Thank you for the reading. The first thing abiout going to arizona is the difficulty is leaving my family and friends behind; But I have no other choice because I am so far behind in my mortgage and having a really hard time finding a financial stability for me and my family here in NJ> As far as them telling me not things about the job is very hard for me to fathom because I have worked in ER almost my entire career; and will ask for it in writing anything they promise me. Tthe hardest is part is working nights something I am not looking forward too. But another thing is not being hom ein NJ for the holidays. I will tell them I am planning to be here for my daughter birthday 1-1. I am also worried how will this affect her. We are very close.

    The arbitracian case well yes it really upset me and I feel this is one of the thing that is preventing me gettin a job here in NJ. The facility I worked for was trying to get rid of all the higher salary nurses and I had in the end of 2008 and beginning of 2009 had a problem with my daughter and school. I took alot of time off, saw a psychaitrist and months later actually 10 they told me about the time and when I called in sick in DEC and told my boss "NO two days from the NO I was fired due to my sick time/ I just want back pay to pay my mortgages and want to start over. I feel they should have offered me my Family leave ; but they didn't . They will say it my use of sick time and how I had almost been fired once for it. But they need to remember I have it in contract and it to be used. If I lose the case OH well! But right now Jupiter is up in my heaven so I will damn try. Hey this isn't costing me anything so what the H**** If you have anymore insight plase feel free to discuss. (Judi)

  • Kiwrpe Thank you for your supoort and insight . I will keep in touch (JUdi)

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