P.S Tarot Nick

  • i forgot to mention in my last post, regarding my finance asking for his own readings, well he doesnt believe in tarot lol, he thinks its all in our heads lol oh well his loss

  • From a high level view, I am not in the trenches so I don't see day to day, that is up to Dan to know and decide. I will do this only this time... I don't want to interfere on your choices...

    you feel good about yourself that you can make things happen when you need to

    N: He is feeling confident

    feels like someone did something behind your back and it will come out

    N: someone went behind his back

    you had a setback in money...at first you thought it might work.. but doesn't feel solid now

    N: his old job

    your carrying a burden, you put a lot of energy in..but it feels like, it was geared toward you

    N: ask him what it is...something is bugging him

    It almost feels like reinsurance that you feel you are a good guy... i almost feel like it was questioned and you are reminding yourself

    N: my guess he feels your mothers negativity towards him...and he is reminding himself he is a good person

    you want love and happiness

    N: he wants to be happy with you

    your hitting a pause in your life..like your taking a break...you feel a little beat down money wise

    N: tired of things hitting the fan and getting sprayed...wants things to work

    your trying to make things better...things have been a little unstable

    N: things have been tough...wants to make things right

    can't tell either a friend gave you money or you loaned money to a friend... something’s up... feels off..

    N: Loan turned bad..or money spent on the wrong thing...

    your either going to learn something new or start something new.. feels good

    N: new job..felt positive

    last card hasn’t happen yet...either someone is looking for a fight...its a guy.. or try’s to start a fight... doesn't matter what is said it will be wrong... causes trouble...

    N: a friend is going to start something..and there will be repercussions...

    Again this is just my high level view… I don’t know the details that make up the decisions that lead to day to day…this is what it seems to be…which is why I don’t put this information out there…its more important for you to figure out what is said…ground level it may look different.

  • ok thank you, im still confused lol as of right now as for money borrowed, neither dan nor i borrowed any money or loaned out any money so whatever that is about either doesnt concern us or it just didnt happen yet. my concern is that i never get to see my fiance cause he is on the road, i miss him so much and wish he could be home

  • right now i dont have any choices, theres nothing i can do, he needs this job to make money, cause what i make cant support us. any insight on the future or advice, or will things get better soon? please help me

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