Hi tarot Nick

  • ok i went back to the reading you did regarding my fiances job. im sure what its trying to tell me. something about someone trying to start a fight. like you said it may taketime for things to develop. i guess i asked the wrong questions in the last post i did. im looking more for a reading that tells me what i can expect in the future and how my fiances job is going to effect my life and our relationship and wedding planning. right now he has little choice to work where he is working so for now we are stuck in this situation. I absolutely hate it! i dont even feel like im engaged 😞 its hard being here at our apartment all alone, isolated and not having my partner in my life for the most part. yes we text and talk on phone several times throughout the day but it just isnt the same as phyically being together. me especially, i have a need/desire for alot of physical intimacy, romance,etcc. so its hard knowing im only going to see him several days a month. and even then i may be working,going to school or studying during his home time, so we may not be able to do anything together or go out as a couple.

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