• Watergirl, can i ask you for an insight? i am considering changing a job and am going for a job interview on Tuesday. Can you tell me what you sense here?

  • Hi moonalisa,

    I am getting that you will need to overcome your nerves. The best way to nail an interview is to walk in with confidence and the best way to accomplish this is to walk in prepared. Have you researched the company as well as the position they are looking to fill? Do so in advance and have your own questions prepared. This will show that you took the time to do your homework and will reflect well on you. Not having any questions can seem as though you really aren't that interested in the job. Also research yourself! Take some time to review your best qualities and your strengths with regard to this position. Rehearse with yourself in the mirror. Ask previous employers, co-workers,etc for letters of recommendation. This will help you identify your strengths if you are having difficulty with this and it is also great to hand over to your interviewer along with your resume. Also think about areas where you may not be as strong and think of how you can overcome them - sometimes interviewers will ask about your weaknesses!

    Take it one step at a time. Don't get yourself all worked up over whether or not you want to make the jump right now. Focus on getting the offer - then you can move to the next step of whether or not you want to accept it.

    Good luck!

  • Watergirl, thank you for the pieces of advice.:) Yeah, i need to follow the tips you've mentioned if i want to succeed. i still have some time to do what i've not done yet. Prepared or not, it'll not be easy for me to stay calm, that's for sure:), but i will do my best not to let fear interfere too much in my performance.

    i know you are right in that i should focus first on the interview itself rather than worry what decision i will make regarding the job. i must admit this is what i am doing now. 🙂 i would like to change a job into more fulfilling one but am afraid to make a wrong decision and this is what refrains me from taking further steps.

    Thanks Watergirl for your time and kind advice. 🙂

  • I know - I get ahead of myself all the time! But it just creates a big mental fog and messes things up in the end. Check back in with me after the interview and I will do another reading for you 🙂

  • Thanks Watergirl 🙂

  • Hi again Watergirl, can you do a reading for me concerning the job offer i told you about and generally about the chances of me changing a job?

  • Hi Moonalisa,

    Sure. Can you tell me about the interview and the person (or persons) you interviewed with so I can get a sense of them?


  • The place is a notary office. Two people came to do the interview with me, a man (the owner of the business) and a young girl who is soon going to leave the place and start her own business. In the place there is one more woman who does a secretarial job, i believe. Generally they made a good impression on me. They were nice and sincere (this is what i thought:)). He told me he would expect me to work for him for a few days before either he or i make any decision. He wanted to see if i'd manage. He also told me how much he is ready to pay me and that would not change even though i'd have to stay longer at work at times. I wouldn't like to be tied to this job, i'd like to have a life of my own too and what worries me is that he could make me work a lot, till evening hours without proper financial gratofication. If you need more info let me know. Thanks Watergirl 🙂

  • I feel you may indeed get the job offer, but it is not something that is in your best interest and you should keep looking. Your gut served you well with this man and your reservations are not unfounded. He will take advantage of you and is selfish. Pat yourself on the back for noticing the red flags. Under what circumstances would a person be required to work for free for a few days in order to "prove themselves worthy" of a job? Think about it...you would quit the job you have now, start working for him (for free??) only to be told you are not the right fit and then be unemployed??? That is laughable! Being on a salary and not geting paid for overtime is common, but for executive/management positions where the salary and benefits should at least in part make up for it. This does not sound like one of those positions...he is just trying to get the most he can out of his employees for the least amount of pay. He may seem nice. but this man has only one concern - himself. This was great practice for you. Keep interviewing and if you want something new, but don't know what exactly it is that you want - use these experiences to help you identify what you DON'T want first.

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  • This interview was very good experience for you and you need to give yourself more credit - you did get the correct "gut" feel for what was on the table...just needed some confirmation as we all do at times. If you don't mind my asking, why do you want to leave your current position?

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