Career shift - please help, anyone?

  • I recently graduated college (yay!) and accepted a fulltime position at my internship site. However, very recently, an employee was caught scamming the company and of course was fired, as was my work partner, and several others who were involved. I was in no way associated with the act.

    I thought that with the exit of our colleague and my work partner that I would simply take over the duties until we hired a new person/people. Additionally my boss, the director, has been out of the office this whole week and so the managers have been running things.

    This past week while my boss was gone, instead of allowing me to assume the extra workload, it has instead been systematically removed from me entirely, but without actual reassignment from my managers. I have walked into work every day afraid of what was going to happen next. They avoid the elephant in the room and won't reassign me, but do not permit me to complete my usual work, much less the extra work left behind by my co-workers. Because of this and other things that have added up, I drafted a 3-week resignation notice and gave it to the director on his day back. I feel very unappreciated and unwanted by the managers; not so much my boss himself, but I have to answer to them as well.

    I have never formally resigned from a position before and so I am unsure what to do. A couple of weeks ago before this all started, he offered to forward my resume to his mentor at a nearby company because of an opening that would be a promotion for me (I have heard from this mentor since then, but we have not arranged an interview yet).

    I am extremely torn. In the past, employees in my department have rescinded their resignations and stayed. The loyalty beast is eating away at me. I love my job, I am proud to work for the company that I'm at, but I find it hard to offer trust to my superiors when I don't feel they trust me. I know my director trusts me but he obviously can't be there all the time.

    Should I revoke my resignation? He seemed to be genuinely surprised and upset that I would leave so soon. I have learned things about his management and leadership style that have given me second thoughts but he was my direct mentor throughout my internship and we developed a bond during that time. However...he's still a director, and business is business. (I know that it is a bad idea to accept a counteroffer, but that is different than completely rescinding intention to leave).

    If anyone could provide guidance -- the intentions of this possible future employer, my current actual employer, any idea of what is going to occur in the near future with regards to my career...I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you so much for reading this and any help or advice you can offer.

  • I think you may have jumped the gun too early. Before you tendered your resignation, you should have first tried to discuss your situation with the supervisors and then if you had no satisfaction there, with your boss. I would like to know why they treated you as they did - it doesn't make sense to have work plus a worker to do it and not giving her the work. Perhaps they didn't realize you were prepared to take on the extra work? Now your director may see you as disloyal and untrustworthy, because he doesn't know the full story or been given the chance to fix things. I think you should sit down with him to sort things out if it is not too late.

  • We did have a sit-down about the whole thing -- turns out he had specifically assigned tasks for me to complete that the managers in-between did not actually delegate as they were instructed. He also brought up other things that have been going on with this prospective employer and his hopes for the time I spend in this area before I move further west. He asked me to revoke my notice, even though he told me himself he hopes I don't stick around too long and to advance my career.

  • Are you going to revoke it? And will he reprimand your supervisors?

  • I did revoke it. I doubt he formally disciplined the managers but there have been a few positive changes in their behavior towards me. It's all very odd because he's leaving in a few weeks anyway--there's a chance I could be promoted there but he expressly told me that I had more to offer and wanted to see how I could handle a new environment. I had submitted my resignation before he turned in his own. The manager taking his place is the one that respects me the least and so I am taking this as a sign to let go of this place and really move forward. This position initially started as an internship and I was offered a permanent spot halfway through the term, with the understanding that I'm seeking advancement.

  • Good luck to you! I am sure things will work out for the best. 🙂

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