Could you please help with tarot interpreation?

  • The questions were asked :

    1. Are we made for each other , cards were - 5 of swords, kind of wands , hierophant

    It seems that we will break up and then i will meet another man (king of wands), who will be probably my husband?

    1. How will he behave him in close relations with me - Tower, 10 of pentacle, 7 of pentacles,

    not so tender behavior i guess(

    3)under what circumstances (or how) will happen one event - 6 of cups, king of swords and 2 of pentacles.

    I read about king of swords , what it could mean concerning situation and not a person. It says that it can depict not so good situation?

    Sorry for many questions!

    Thank you for you insights!

  • Under "one event" i meant romantic event.

  • Marishkaa

    Forget about cards for a moment... do you WANT to see something happen with this man?

    The Tarot is only reflecting back what is going on inside you. I see his cards... I didn't see you anywhere in the reading though. (2 Kings and no Queen= he may have a thing for you but not you for him).

  • Astra, if i think about it logically , i think that it is not good to have something with him ( some problems exist). But if i think about it emotionally, i sometimes dream of having something with him .

  • Well it depends on what you are after I guess... I have the sense that you ladies "should" know who is right for you... so should you have questions, it could simply be that you have not found "the one" yet and you keep looking... I am not sure what is going on with the women to tell you the truth. I know from a guy's point of view we are all basically clueless about love, and must depend on the right female to find us.

  • Thank you Astra, you are right about search, but i also think that i am no right female for him.

    And by the way, i always thought that you are a woman:) Sorry )

  • I sometimes think I am more female than male... trapped in a man's body... sort of a man... i dunno what I am really. I will keep you in mind on this situation, I like to draw a celtic cross lately on any situation and go from there.... blessings......

  • thank you :).

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