My so called marriage

  • I have been married now for nine years my husband always lies to me acts like I was born yesterday to think I would believe even half af his lies. to get right to it 1yr after we got married we bought a house I started finding disturbing thing he was involved in porn phone sex chat lines and more I told him he needed help he was going to meeting and saying he was done with it all of course that was a lie.found all kind off pills to get it up. a couple months ago a found rubbers in the house he tried to tell me he used them to jak off with i'm not dumb. he admitted he was seeing someone for a year. I work a lot, and our hours vary he has a lot of free time when i'm at work. He said he was just seeing her for sex of course she;s married also and has kids. she was a manager at one of his accounts he said she always would walk by him and make sexual comments to him he couldn't remember what they where, he also told her my name and where I worked she worked in the shopping center next to mine I said you don't think she came to see who's husband she's doing oh she's not like that bull. He has shared every intimate thing we ever had or did in our marriage with her also I said what do I have left he said a back rub how cold. I have been dealing with so much from him I don't treat him bad he treats me the way that I should treat him for what he's done to me emotionally all these years. He never admits to anything unless he gets cought. I want to be with someone I can trust and someone that will only Love me. he says he gave everything up can I believe it this time?

  • Hi, Sounds to me like he's getting close to or is a sex addict. He has demons that he has to battle. It's going to be close to impossible for you to continue this relationship. I feel that you have overlooked too much. I know that he's your husband. I just want you to know that you have reason to get out. I would run from this. I know it's hard when there are feelings and love involved. Things have gotten so out of hand that the ball is in your court. I feel it's now time to take action for your own sake. If you decide to stay, you know the risks involved.

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