Example Celtic Cross Tarot reading "Jenni"

  • I create this example Tarot reading on youtube to show an example Celtic Cross reading for a single mom with 2 kids named Jenni, who is looking for guidance as to choosing between two men in her life for possible marriage.

    I am seeing more and more how this deck reveals connections between the cards that make arriving at answers pretty dog gone easy. (In this case, the Ace in the Magician card was a helpful key and showed Jenni where to focus her energies 🙂

    Blessings all...

  • Here are the cards, I thought it was interesting how the Ace of Wands (foundation) was tying to the Ace Pentacles in the Magician card (above) which as a hidden clue as to where matters are heading for Jenni.

    Basically, she is a single mom with 2 kids looking for a partner. And has 2 guys she is dating, one makes more money, the other less, however she "feels" more with him. So she came to ask for a reading, and the cards showed clearly how she was "wanting" to go with "love", however her need for security was steering her toward the man making more money. So, in this case the cards did tend to show the Pentacle Knight "winning" in the end.

    The Cups were picking up on her more romantic (although poorer) potential suitor (King + Knight), and the Pentacles we picking up on the more "successful" man (Knight and Page pentacles). Had she been a single lady I am sure the cups would have won, however when you have a family to take care of, money talks ...apparently!



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