RefiningOur Space in the New Vibrations

  • a message from Kara Schallock

    Last year we would receive downloads of high dimensional Light at certain times, like the New and Full Moons, Solstices and Equinoxes and during the thirteen Gateways, and then we would be given an integration and rest period. This year, however, there is a steady stream of this Light coming in constantly and we thus are always in this Flow, and we come to certain awarenesses in order to make certain changes in our lives to be more congruent with our Souls; our Divinity. As we receive this Light, it then radiates out from us as soon as we receive it and this is how we help all others rise in vibration, if they are resonating with our energy; whether consciously or unconsciously. This is Unity in action. We used to be prompted to send healing energy out to certain places and people; now it is automatic as we attend to our own consciousness and life. This also helps us let go of the doing and saving that we have been limited by for so long. It is how we co-create the New Earth…by Being; not controlling, but allowing the Light to shift us in any way that is for our highest evolution.

    Know that as we take Responsibility for every thought, action and feeling, we move up in vibration. Taking Responsibility takes us out of being victims of life and it shows us where we may shift due to this Awareness and Power…and we honor this in all others; not judging others, but accepting that all are in their perfect place based on where they place their own resonance. The most powerful way we can help others rise in vibration is to keep our own vibration high; to stand in our Power and our Divine Sovereignty. In this way, we let go of what others are doing or not doing and step into loving Acceptance of all (including ourselves). As we accept others just for who they are, we may let them go if we do not resonate with their current vibration; and yet, love them unconditionally all the same. As we stand in our full Authenticity, others are inspired energetically. The thing that hurts us and them is if we lower our vibration to better fit in with others.

    Realize that all thought is energy. Thoughts and words matter greatly, for they create. If your thoughts are negative, this is what you create more of. If your thoughts are positive, this is what you create more of. This is simple. Do you resonate with a higher expression of life or do you intend to keep your life the same; holding it in place? Listen to your body; where is it leading you; what are your feelings telling you and guiding you towards? We are refining ourselves and wherever your focus is, you create. Keeping your vibration high means you follow your feelings and align your life with Joy and Love. What you do not pay attention to dissolves. Don’t pay attention to the negative in the outer world; pull in your energy and know the Truth of your Soul; if you so choose, of course.

    There is lots of change occurring and everything is based on your inner consciousness. When you take Responsibility for that, then you can make changes so that your world is congruent with your consciousness. Everything going on in your life is orchestrated by you. Everything is for your very highest good, if you will allow it to occur in your life. If your outer life isn’t according to your inner Soul desires, see what is still holding you back in the old. What beliefs and patterns are holding you in place? Release them in the Sacred Rose, and make adjustments that help you be aligned with your Heart and Soul’s Beauty. This can be challenging or easy; it depends on you. Any emotional dross or illness is a blessing, for it is helping you clear the old; it shows you where there is imbalance. Don’t judge yourself; just see it as a Divine message and make adjustments, all the while being gentle with yourself and having Patience as you shift.

    If an issue resurfaces, just know that a deeper layer is being revealed and then release it. As we rise in consciousness, we can see more creative solutions and see what we might have missed before. We can do this without judging ourselves and by viewing it dispassionately, which helps us detach from it. And while you are releasing another layer, stay in Joy and Gratitude; and as you place your focus on how you’ve grown, the old releases its hold on you.

    We are continually moving into a higher vibration, as Source energies continue to flow into us and onto Earth. Part of this New Life sets us free bit by bit from old fear, resistance and control. It is a slow and continual process, so wherever you are is perfect for you. Open up to the Infinite Love from Source and all who are aligned with Source Love. Feel the inner Joy when you do so.

    Know that as part of our journey into being Ascended Masters, we are moving from the personal-I to the impersonal-We. What this involves is letting go of taking things personally and making assumptions; for this is ego-based; letting go of attachment to how another (or ourselves) should be and letting go of expectations as to how another (or ourselves) should be and coming to a place of non-judgment and Acceptance and Unconditional Love…Agape Love with no conditions or expectations or attachments. This is Unity Consciousness. You might be experiencing some or all of this as you come to realize you do not resonate with certain people, especially when they want you to be someone you’re not any more. Be true to you! Stand strong in your Integrity. Be in Allowance of Who you are and Who you’re becoming…and offer the same to others.

    This year we are refining ourselves. We may fluctuate between highs and lows and varying degrees of emotion. We may experience certain changes in our physical bodies, and yet all this brings a great Awareness to us as to what choices to make; choices that resonate with our Souls. We may need more Silence and Solace. We may be unable to tolerate certain sounds or environments. We may even wonder if we’ve made any progress at all. And yet, know that we all are making great strides as we follow our Guidance and make adjustments according to what resonates within. Realize that we’re not in a race and that we truly can have this journey be gentle.

    As we awaken more and more to the higher realms of consciousness; that of Christ Consciousness, we feel more and our guiding light is that of Love and Joy and Freedom. We are more in tune with everything and everyone. We trust that we are unfolding perfectly and in perfect ways, according to our Soul Plan. We know we’re never alone, even when so many people who were in our old lives are not in our New Lives. We are becoming more aligned with our Souls mentally, emotionally and physically. We are awake.

    We see the energy beneath every conversation and every situation. And we realize that when one door closes, another one opens that is more aligned with our new vibration and consciousness. So we don’t fix the closed door, we bless it in Gratitude and release it in Love. This creates miracles as we joyously follow the energy. And so it will continue throughout this year and beyond; rising, rising in Love.

  • OH ! how I needed this encouragement today, I AM SO GRATEFUL , THANK YOU POETIC

  • I needed to read this Thanks Poetic!

  • God bless you, girl we all need it!

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