Thank you Astra Angel :)

  • Hi Astra,

    I don't know if you saw my previous post (please read if u didn't), but I wanted to thank you, you are truly amazing.

    One thing I don't have clarity on is my finances, what did you see?


  • Oh hi aenyu

    Yes, I did see your last reply and I was delighted to see that the reading was helpful! I love to hear that... I just forgot to respond. I am looking into your financial question here shortly and will let you know what I see...

    blessings to you!


  • Dear aenyu,

    Okay, sitting here looking at your financial picture. Celtic cross. The same energy in the center a 3 of pentacle energy (although in this case it is the King - which has 3 pentacles) so this does seem to paint your financial situation as being of topmost importance to you - work. BTW I chose the Queen of Pentacles to represent you in this reading.

    Situation card - King of Pentacles - So that is work, and it is also a man. So you could see a man for work, or you see something about working with a man. Somehow a guy is a factor to you in your work, and financial future.

    Crossing - Hierophant - I always think tradition... you may feel like "Heaven" or someone up ther is holding out on you. Like, "hey... come on God... where is a freaking job!".,, so this is a connection you make between your finances, and higher powers.

    Above - Strength - that is instinct. Teth. Shows a lot of tenacity and guts. Has 6 pentacles hidden in that card, we want to note that. There are not a lot of pentacles in this reading, so where they DO show, we want to REALLY notice where, what position and such. We will see this is the only card besides the King Pentacles that has pentacles associated which is probably going to be good news (ie, a key to unlocking something for you financially I hope!)

    Below - Ace of Swords. Clear, single thought, purpose, a new idea. a new concept, a new something of thinking. We have swords behind, below, in front and in the "hopes and concerns" position. So swords - the intellect is a BIG part of your work, your career, you think about work a lot... it is something your mind turns on... a lot... I think you have always had a very clear focus on the kind of work you want.

    Behind (fading) = 10 of Swords - Very intense thoughts, to the breaking point over finances/work and so on.

    Ahead - King of Swords - interesting, another male card in swords. You have made a very strong association of your financial health with SWORDS and MEN.

    Future environment - The MOON. That is emotion.. mystery, unknown... who goes there! The night.

    Outer influences - The Univese. That tells me that whatever you need financially is being handled by Higher powers. The Universe itself provides exactly what you need, and it is perfect for you.

    Hopes and concerns = 4 of Swords - that is resting, giving your mind a break. You could be really longing to not have to THINK about finances any more!

    Outcome - Ace of Wands - that is a very positive sign, it is PATH and intent, a new role, a new you, new setting, could be a new JOB role, position, promotion. It is creative and inspiring.

    That Hierophant is a strong male energy too. Has cups and swords... change of mind about your work, finances... Moon (where you are headed) is very feminine, a total change of mood, setting, atmosphere. The Universe also is a very nice "CHANGE" of pace, setting, has same wandy-cups energy as the Moon.

    One thing I see is you are really trying to get back to things you LOVE to do for work. And I think you are really wanting to get away from the male dominated atmosphere you have contended with in the past. Something about men and work with you is a real issue or something. You are also trying to move away from THINKING so much about work... and toward something more fun, inspiring, creative, wandy-cuppy if that makes sense! The "HOPE" you have is that you can finally rest from having to answer to men about work related questions... bosses... I think your financial health is connected to finding that WAND path at the top that is a creative expression... you are wanting very much to move OUT of the INTELLECT-MALE world and into the CREATIVE-FEMALE world.

    The Strength card has 6 Pentacles which is income, maybe not gazillions, however it is what you need. That shows income, finances working smoothly, 6 energy. Also has that one cup which is LOVE.

    Strength is "serpent power", and is instinctive, shows a molting, or shedding of one skin (way) for a new one. So this seems to be saying the same thing about you... you are wanting to change out of one setting (swords-men) and into something nicer (Cups - women/female). Moon is back of the head.. future environment. Hair stylist haha. Beauty parlor. High fashion. Something about that world is where the finances could be for you! 🙂

    Have you really sat down with pencil and paper and pondered the kind of work you love to do? Are you doing that now? Would you like to do that? Dream... just let your thoughts imagine any possibility at all for income, and be honest with yourself. Somehow it looks like your "work" life (from where income has been coming from) has been a male - dominated pita and you are wanting to make some sort of fresh start into something much nicer... female... like your subconscious (Moon) is leading you now to some new places (Ace Wands) where the real fortune is, and it is a much better atmosphere in which to create (Universe).

    So. to answer this question about your finances, seems to be first asking you about your work you do... I mean, I can see that you will gain financial freedom and do quite well, it is just that right now, the type of work you do seems to be the emphasis in the reading, not "when is the dough gonna show". Does that make sense?

    Looking at some of the letters in the spread I have

    D O/U/V T(h) CLPQTFA

    One word that pops our is "Cleopatra" ... so a job at an Greek/Egyptian Beauty Parlor.

    "Don't Doubt"... (that your finances will be improving)

    Dove... (beauty bar)...

    I dunno aenyu... some changes for you in WHAT you do, and WITH WHOM seems to be a key to unlocking the finances. Steer clear of men... bossy men anyway... focus somewhere connected to beauty and greece/Egyptian something... I know that may sound crazy maybe it is a clue for you and your $$$ needs... I look at any and everything in these readings... leave no stoned unturned haha....

    Do you, or have you ever cut hair? I keep coming back to that as being a good path for you... UTC... time... to CUT cleopatra's hair... haha... you could do really well with that from home. Gets you out of the male chauvinist BS you have dealt with... keeps you in heaven...

    I am trying to dream with you here... hope something in there didn't sounds too nutty.... 🙂

    Costumes too... stage... theatre... work. Dream...

    love and blessings,


  • Hi Astra,

    Thanks for the reading sweetie :), lol - no, I don't cut hair, but I am very creative. I am very career focused and driven right now. I do feel that I am taking on a new role (new beginning), and that I have to be diligent in moving forward (writing), and that my diligence will pay off, I'm fine with that. Cleopatra (lol) I will make sure to keep this in mind. Have a great year, I look forward to seeing more of your posts.


  • Hey you are welcome aenyu! best to you in the writing... maybe a novel about an Egyptian Beauty Salon set back in the time of Cleopatra that is a front for something very dark and mysterious! ... the title could be "It Sphinx to High Heaven" heh

  • Hahaha- that's so cute 😄 sounds like something Mel Brooks would have done back in the day.

  • Yeah, Young Frankenstein... you could do "Young Cleopatra", a story of Cleopatra as a high school teen, going to school and fighting with the other kids cuz she's the "rich bytch" and the other kids are jealous... so she struggles with love cuz the guys know she's loaded... so she is always looking for that one guy that will love her because of HER and not her wealth.

    So, she dreams up a plan to swap roles with a poor girl and transfers to another school... the poor girl looks like her, and pretends to be Cleopatra, and diverts all the jerks away from Cleo... then Cleo can relax and start looking for true love... then the "arrangement" is that once she finds her guy, the girls swap back, Cleo pays off the poor chick chick with a lump sum... or that was the plan... only the girl changes her mind and decides not to swap back. And pretends to be Cleopatra for the rest of her life.

    And Cleopatra ends up with a great guy in true love... living in a single wide the rest of HER life.

    Power Goes Sour - The TRUE story of Cleopatra"

    (I am bored as heck... I think I am going to take this thing over and turn it into a screenwriting or novel writing forum haha...)

  • Pyramid Power Goes Sour - The TRUE Story of Cleo

  • Love it! You should really write books 😄

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