EltheMoth or El I misses you It's been ages

  • Hello, El how's everything to you.. I've been misses you a lot it's been ages. How's everything hope all is well to you and to your family.. Anyhow I hardly be here too busy to carry on with my life but this site helps me a lot. I really appreciated all the kindness of the people here especially The captain , Shuabby and U. Everyone here in this site is truly appreciated reading all the guidance and some advice and different story makes me feel sad and bad but it give me courage to be more open and understanding in every problem I used to deal with this site given me courage and help me find answer in anything bothered me or confuses me. I'm looking forward to hear from you. I remember all the 99% percent reading and guidance you had said to me.. Indeed it happen and nonstop struggling Lol I needed to get change to help myself I'm so keen to get out of my stupidity in life I'm so silly never get things done easily keep pulling myself and being delusion in my own world till I get up and see myself lost again.. Whatta life

  • This post is deleted!

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