Ladies, how to find the perfect guy - just fall in love with him.

  • Hi Astra,

    I copied and saved this on my computer for when I had some time to answer. Forgive me if by any way I echo anything that has been said since I haven’t read the responses already posted.

    Astra: So I have come to the conclusion that it is the boys who simply reflect back love to the girls, not the girls waiting for some guy to fall in love with them. I wrote a short piece on my blog about how the guys are all under this illusion that WE are supposed to be the ones chasing the girls... NO. It is the girls who chase the guys... and once a girl finds the boy and she loves him, and the boy at last meets her and feels her love for him... then he immediately falls in love with her, and the relationship is heavenly. She is an angel.

    Flow: I had to smile when I saw this. First off all it’s nice to see a genuine romantic on this forum. I agree that the receiver reflects what he gets yet in our modern times the girls don’t always wait until they have found to share feelings once they feel safe enough to do so. I don’t know if chasing is the correct word here or if it ever been. I think upbringing (visualisation) has to do with the movement that the individual does in their younger years.

    Yet to play around with the notion of chasing in my opinion is when you see or feel that you are chased there is always an agenda. The person doesn’t want to be alone or the other party fills perhaps economical or illusive needs.

    Astra: So there is some wacky stuff going on between men and women, as the men have been convinced somehow that THEY are the ones chasing. NO! A guy does NOTHING except wait for her. So you ladies wondering when you are going to find the "one" all you have to do is meet your guy and fall in love with him, and once YOUR love is GENUINE and AUTHENTIC then the guy will eventually meet you and feel your love for him, and then immediately fall in love with you and the relationship is divine.

    Flow: I had a conversation with a guy a few years back and he told me during his upbringing he was told by his father and uncles it is the woman that decides if a man would be the one she wants to settle down with and have his children so he waits until the woman he fancies actually falls for him so he can “move in”. I found that so old fashioned but hey that’s what he always lived by.

    It has been for years (why I don’t know exactly) that all man and women walk around with blinders (like horses) due to the confusion of how love should be and so recognizing genuine and authenticity has been a serious challenge. I think genuine and authenticity is with you perhaps when you are 1 to 4 years right up to when you hit preschool things starts to get confusing with your feelings and additives starts to mess up your sanity pool. Then if you are aware of that on time (when is anybody’s guess…mostly early 20’s) you can try to do something about it. If the universe is on your hand you might experience a hint of divine love.

    Astra: I think it originates with the girls because you are all angels. The guys are Earth beings, mostly clueless. So the girls are from other worlds is what is going on. Pleadies, Sirius, Venus, Jupiter (I have seen Jupiter girls a lot in WalMart)... What I can't figure out is why this pattern would be so clouded to where the guys are chasing down girls they have no reason chasing.

    Flow: Oh thank you for the compliment of being angels. Deserved I don’t know but thank you. Medusa was also a girl and far from an angel…lol. Anyways clueless guys… that really so? Why on earth would you think that? If he was that clueless and was blessed to run into his divine mate before being stung by fakery he is wise enough to recognize that love is in front of him….so clueless no.

    Astra: So that is the solution to all relationship issues on this planet. Girls chase guys and guys do nothing exceot fly RC planes and work on cars and have fun while they wait.

    Flow: Define fun? lol. Girls chase guys. Hmm as I said the standards in romance, courting and openness has become so blurry that even though a girl would be sane and brave enough to actually “chase” a guy…would her reception be a welcome one? What if she was attracted or even decided this is the one but he is not the one she had to be with? Simply because the match wasn’t the one written in the stars? You know what …I think it all depends in what stage you are in your life and in what stage he is in his life. That click has to be there on so many levels separately and together.

    Astra: I have a pretty good idea who my angel is (however that is all under her control)... I just never understood nor did it ever occur to me that I would ever find her. A girl that would actually loves me? That... never occurred to me. That there would actually be someone out there.

    Flow: I am happy for you.

    Astra: So, what has been happening (and this is the reason for divorce) is that the guys are chasing down companions for wrong reasons, "thinking" its love, and then a relationship is started where they are both faking it. And the guy has no choice except to reflect back fake love... leading to eventual collapse of the relationship. Divorce and so on. The WORKING pattern is for the guy to do nothing and wait for her to find him (which we see that pattern in Genesis)... so WHY is this not taught? The church should be teaching that it would save a lot of heartache for relationships today... the girls are the ones deciding who they want - NOT THE GUYS!

    Flow: I agree 100% about the fakery. I don’t agree about not doing anything as a guy. Because just a scared a guy is to open up to receive his angel just as scary it is for her to do so….afraid to cause more damage….being an all seeing being. The church (the good ones) does teach this YET if the person’s is wearing the blinders they can hear everything but still do not see.

    Astra: I don't know how this factors into same s e x relationships, I only know that a guy is the MOON and the girl is the SUN... in other words...

    WE (the guys) love HER because SHE first loved ME.

    Flow: Yeah…not totally clear one perhaps at one stage they decide who is the Moon and who the Sun. 🙂

    Question: If you love her because she loved you first…do you actually feel safe enough to give in totally to this feeling forever?

    Astra: So, God is a girl... not a guy. I don't know who this "Father" figure is... that is weird. Girlfriend in Heaven is a more accurate picture. SHE (the angel) is in Heaven and loves a GUY on Earth and when that is settled, it is perfect. I kinda wrote a book on this a while back, the Love of Angels.

    So you girls who are in love with some boy, all you have to do is LOVE HIM and he will eventually find you... I don't know what all is going on between the girls as they (fight?) over the guys... no clue at all on that one. Extraterrestrial warfare maybe. I only know that the HIGHER POWERS will always prevail and whatever deception, or weirdness has been going on eventually gives way.

    Wow, I just saw this in truth this morning... after 58 years of life as a deluded male... clueless about love.

    Flow: Extraterrestrial warfare …hahahaha. I don’t think if you as a girl have to fight (with some other girl) for a guy’s love it isn’t a good start for any kind of relationship. Either things flow or they don’t. And with flow I don’t mean that it has to happen at the same split second the girl feels that she has feeling. Everybody’s storyline is different.

    Clueless Astra??? I don’t think so but if you truly are then this is a good exploration exercise.

    Personally I leave my heart lead….yet if things get crazy my head kicks in to correct. Yet intuition is always on the forefront.


    (Interesting topic!)