Broke up with a Cancer Woman, How do I get her back?

  • imthedjone i'd like to know the answer to that one also. You say you broke up with her yet she pushed you to it. How do she push you? Five years is hard to just forget and pretend never happened as a lot (good and the bad) can happen over five years. I don't know the details or issues of your relationship so it's difficult for me to help. I'm not saying the failure of the relationship is your fault because it takes two to make it work however you say you broke it off. I do know as a woman if we are hurt enough, not understood and pushed enough we will finally just throw up our hands and give up. Everyone (man or woman) has their breaking point.

    An ex cancer of mine broke up suddenly with me after five years because he foolishly thought he could do better and find someone who would gladly support, put up with his addiction and be an enabler which I am NOT. He begged to get me back after he realized he made a huge mistake and since I still loved him at that time, it took me some time but eventually I went back to him under the condition he got help and therapy and stayed in therapy. Unfortunately in the end I HAD NO CHOICE but to BREAK IT OFF because he was in love with his addiction more than me.

    I hear cancers tend to hold on to the past and past relationships and though I don't think it is true for all it is true for many. My ex cancer has stalked me online, etc. ever since. Some cancers can forgive but generally a cancer who forgives and forgets is as rare as a vegetarian snake.

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  • So thats it then. Just give up?? its been three months now and i havent had contact with her. Ive dated since her now, nothing serious just you know dinner and trying to get to know other women. But to tell you honestly i dont feel the same connection that i do with her. I do feel that way sometimes though. That she is waiting for me to contact her. But i did three times for a month after we broke up. So then i should just walk away now right??

    She pushed me by constantly arguing with me. There was never a day at least this past year that we ever had peace and quite. She would just start arguements for no reason. i started being unhappy for the past year. But i stuck around because I loved her. I still feel that way about her to this day. I know i shouldnt but hey i do. I care bout her, i dont know how to stop.

    It just seems as though we never even happened. she forgot so fast, she forgot five years in three months!! whats that about?? I mean i have to go through this "moving on" and dealing with feelings of lonliness and pain and she isnt going through anything. She claims to be very happy and just enjoying everything. I honestly feel that she isnt.

    I miss her im not gonna lie. I want to show her or contact her and just see how she is doing but i dont even know where to start. Any opinions?? is it really to late??

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  • I feel for you. I was in a 2yr with a cancer. I lost her almost 9 months ago. I need advice to get her back. I failed her in many ways coated me dearly. Loved her to much suspect she is with x husband now. Help. 90% why she left is gone changed my life completely. In school last year. Put my mother in a home. Started a new job. Im a different many. I hurt so badly when she left. Please give me advice.

  • from my experience with cancers, the unevolved immature cancers ignore you and never want anything to do with you, they are emotionally immature. and they are the ones who blame others, when they were guilty all along.

    the cancer I was with, didn't trust me bc of his past relationships, he brought all that baggage into our friendship. he created unnecessary drama bc I bought him things and paid a lot since he didn't have money and then he'd yell at me for doing it. then the 2 times i yelled at him, he never wanted anything to do with me. I treated him like a king.

    he lost and guess what, those unevolved cancers, they can come back, if you are successful and they want part of your success. if they grow-up and evolve they will then come to terms with their mistakes and try to get you back. if you gave them true love they will want it again.

  • spiritual717

    deceitful, manipulative, fake and immature.

  • how about this:

    get very brave one day soon no matter the outcome and speak to her from your heart and tell her that she is the only woman you love, you love her with all of your heart and she is on your mind constantly and that you can't live without her. and you want to show her your true love if she will only let you. If she loves you, she would melt, I know I would, if I loved the man.

  • Dear Cistone,

    I am a female cancer. I can only tell you what I would want from my spouse or companion. It is true when we get emotionally hurt we retreat to our shell because we feel safe. Whatever you do do not lie, cheat or be mistrusting. These are the things that serverely irritate us cancers.

    For me I would alot of TLC. Make her the most important item on your agenda each day. Call her in the middle of the day and ask how her day was coming along. You could also text her on her cellphone with little messages too. It is the little things that will take you a long way in a relationship with us .

    When you are in public make her feel she is the only one...such as wrapping your arms around her when you are sitting on the park bench feeding the birds.

    I as a cancer loves to feel the security and know the world is right and this could be done by physically wrapping your arms around her, giving the tight love squeeze and throwning in a couple kisses around her neck and ears..

    As cancer we love the water. So if by chance you could stop near a lake, river, or an ocean with some cheese, cut up fruit and wine this would be great. The rushing water from either of these body of water gives us a renewal sense for life. Just like the salmon return to the same stream that they have spawned in. The water is an essential part for us. In a few words, this makes us feel all fuzzy and warm.

    We are looking for the non-verbal behavior as well as the verbal statements that would remain in our hearts and mind forever.

    I would say to you anything is possible for getting your relationship back on track and it is the little things that we cherish the most.

    So you have a plan... get moving.


  • seanymph,

    I have a question fro you. being that you are a cancer man you know a lot about them.

    What does it mean when cancerman breaks up with nice girl, because she gave him too much attention and says he thinks she is possessive (which she isn't). But you figure he has someone else. Does not call the girl, but she calls cancerman to apologize she didn't realize he felt that way, and hopes they can talk . (and she sees him walking with another female soon after he broke up with her)

    And he doesn't answer her calls for 4 months, then on his son's b'day he answers and ask where she is, (but you're not in town) then, he makes small talk and no mention of getting together to even talk. then a month later she see's him on the street as she drives by and she waves and he waves back. then another time she initiates the wave and he waves back, then 3rd time, he ignores he when he sees her. so, she no longer waves or contacts him for 6 more months and when she sees him he turns his head the other way, or tries to not be seen

    he created such drama where there wasn't any. And he pushed her away for no real good reason that she can think of.

    My question is, why did he turn his head (clearly not to be seen), when he didn't turn his head before) and why go out of his way to ignore her 9 months later? She hasn't approached him, though just by chance, one day she did see him come out of the new female's house one day 9 months later. (does it seem he may be embarrassed because he knows he was wrong for what he did, he blamed her, when in reality he was cheating with the new female, but used the excuse that the former was too possessive?) Can you make anything of this?

    (is this clear to understand?) You seem very knowledgeable in the cancerman strategy. 😉

    did you ever fall for a virgo?

  • PS....the gril he dumped was HONEST, LOYAL, GIVING, LOVING and TRUE. And loved him completely...and he knew it.

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