The Captain Your Guidance thank u.

  • Dear The Captain ,

    I hope you don't mind asking a favor over and over again.. I was lately down and I suddenly realized that out of my action and words I put myself in to trouble. You're just right I overly obessing to find someone who will love me. I'm not a jealous person but I always felt bad cos they always hiding something to me. I see myself so bad and I guess I think to much and pushed myself to much to win him. I'm talking about the Libra Man . He can't take me anymore and his excuses is his busy until we end up fighting but were doing okey now and I finally see myself go out with no trouble to him. I adore this guy but I guess I ruined myself showing him that I could easily get upset to my past hearing a lot of his bad words against me. I don't really know if I will regret this but atm its good for me to be out of the situation cos I'm thinking that I'm so lame to all the things happening to us. The first timewe had fight is when I was worried he never get back to for 3 days last December I never realized that his organizing some stuff to his dad who had past away two years ago. His to busy doing all that and he get irritated when I was worried till he tells me he think we needed to stop. I let him alone for one week and open up can we go back the way we are till we're doing well again. He was really open to me but I always find him limited and a bit scared to let his emotion to me his reason was he used to be alone and happy to do his own thing. Things has change but were doing well until till one day I was stress out then telling him why after I asked to come to my place and keep me company cos I needed him. He only say he wouldn't be there for me and he thinks we need to stop seeing each other. I was shocked and I accepted everything but I said to him I felt that I'm used and he said to me that is bullshit coding allowed myself and I want it to be in the situation. I asked him if I was just sex and he said yes and I was mad and calling him dog and all of the guy I met is just a dog. I said that I was hurt and he said I'm human he had feelings. He said to me that his clear to me that he never want any relationship and he doesn't want any relationship with me. I'm so confused cos his telling me that he never meant to hurt or anyone and he don't want any relationship to me. But why he need to tell me after her exgf he never go out or talk to anyone but only me. He said to me if I need to find love I need to change. I'm planning to have a sea change before but he said to me that don't give up and don't allow my past to get in to my skin. He showing me all the respect that I never had to my past we can talk anything and I enjoy our conversation and never had laughed the way we do and I had no nothing to feel ashamed on him. His to open before we end up one day before he said to me his having anxiety and I remember the first we meet he will only upset if I show him that I'm upset. He said to me that he will never go away from me and his just right there. What happen to us. I was pushed to lied that be away in two weeks time for good and he said to me good luck for everything and its good for me. What is that I'm I pulling myself to believe that he care or I simply means nothing to him but company. I guess I made a mistake last time his birthday is October 8,1982. ATM I felt his accepted everything is easy to let go to him. I always said to him that he don't needed to be alone cod it's not happy to be by his self that's why we always wanted to keep company before I stated that I was fond to him cos I never ever respected the way he used to treatment he always control his emotion when were together lately till we end up.. Is this guy really don't want me or he just felt sorry for me before and finally realized I'm not what his looking for.. I find everything is okey but I'm not truly convince what is the really motive to me.

  • I'm sorry The Captain I forgot the magic words pretty pls thank u

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