Accelerate Your Transformation - Tips to Jump Start Positive Change

  • Accelerate Your Transformation - Tips to Jump Start Positive Change

    a message from Selacia

    More than ever now, it's important to keep things in perspective. The world around you may seem to be spinning out of control, and your insides sometimes may feel like they are spinning too.

    Here are some guidelines for navigating 2013 and accelerating your transformation at the same time. As background, remember that you live in an unprecedented cycle of revolutionary shifting, impacting people everywhere across the planet. This isn't happening on one day, but over a number of years. You won't feel it the same way each day. On some days, in fact, it may feel like the shifting of an entire lifetime is coming at you from all sides. Other days, you may feel tranquil and without concern, reminiscent of calmer times earlier in your life.

    Tips to Jump Start Positive Change

    1. Challenging Circumstances- When faced with a challenge, keep your focus in present time. Even if what you are experiencing began long ago, you want to respond with today's energy. As part of your lifelong process of transformation, your energy shifts from day to day. Insights and processing from last night's dreaming can provide you with fresh perspectives and more lightness of being. When looking at your challenge, invite your higher wisdom to guide you in applying a higher awareness and fully utilizing your current knowing. You may be pleasantly surprised with the positive results.

    2. A Time for Everything- Life is often so fast paced that it's common to feel behind schedule. Relax your body and mind for moments here and there as you intuitively check in about timings. Indeed, there's a time for everything. Remember this before jumping into your next activity. Oftentimes what you planned, no matter how important it seems, is best left until after you have done something else - which can be an activity or simply being still. Your heart and intuitively guided reason can show you the way. Check in with yourself to determine if what you planned for the day needs to shift, and then make adjustments. You will be happy you did.

    3. Manifesting Your Vision- As you pick the less traveled road for the next portion of your unique journey, inquire within to be sure that it's wide enough and extends far enough to accommodate your goals and expansive vision. As a divine changemaker, you are learning to express your highest potentials. Do not limit yourself to what your doubts tell you to settle for, or for what others have told you is possible. Embrace the expanded view spirit has for your life.

    4. Roadblocks- Consider that the roadblock you face is a symbol that you may need to update your view. Sometimes a detour or alternative approach is required. This may involve a different timing, implementing something you haven't yet thought of, or even abandoning your idea altogether. A divine changemaker learns to see roadblocks as opportunities for spiritual practice - they aren't the enemy; they may be a blessing in disguise.

    5. Positive Potentials - Each day carries within it a positive potential and energies you can apply for your own enlightenment. Connect with more of the positive potentials available by regularly acknowledging that they exist. This is easier on some days than others, of course. Even so, get into the habit of remembering this lighter side of being. A new opportunity waits each time you open your eyes in a new way - without expectations and without focusing on what you created before. When you are open to the next wonderful surprise arriving on your doorstep - letting go of how and when it shows up - you become like a magnet for your own good.

    Current Energies

    Before this month finishes, don't be surprised if you have a different view of time and your state of feeling. Emotions are likely to be running high on and off all month as you respond to an ever increasing volume of input. You could feel like you're running to keep up one moment, then not wanting to do anything.

    Honor what you feel and inquire within about why you feel as you do. If there's a higher purpose for being still, trust that. It really is okay to put your 'to do' list away from time to time. Replenishment and refueling occur when you become quiet and turn off the world's input so you can hear your inner voice. Your inner wisdom can show you the way forward.

  • Sounds like me at the moment! Energetic one minute, buzzed out the next. The last two days have been exhausting - but then the heat here is relentless, with no relief of rain - and I've also had an emotional overload in the last few days with the return of someone I had to let go over three years ago. To say I'm confused and up and down even more than usual is an understatement! But I remain hopeful, even though there's a bit stacked against it. So a combination of things has me relating very well to this thread.

    Thanks again!

  • that is me too moon I feel like I am on a roller coaster so today I plan on just going with the flow & find some down time between work & home I m burned out

  • good idea shadow! we need to give ourselves downtime, any way we can. I am going with the flow of the love I've had for this man for four years, even though I'd thought I'd forgotten about him. I'm just letting it wrap me up in its arms and going with it ... and hoping 🙂

  • Oh, how awesome Moon 🙂

  • It is, and I have to keep positive about this, so that it gets even awesomer (new word haha). Thanks amused! This is why I've had such stop and start stuff with love in the last three years. I still had feelings for him, however well hidden I'd kept them, even from myself. And maybe this could be a closure thing too; I have to accept that could be what it is, but the way we looked at each other last Friday, I don't reeeally think so ... 🙂

  • We are purging all the old stuff, buried stuff and God knows what else, stay in your heart!

  • there is no other choice ... 🙂

  • I'm wondering when the purging will's been a painful process & I'd like some reprieve.

    Blind sides me at times just when I begin to feel its over

  • Yes, it does that! With what I went through last night, and how I feel today, the complete opposite of those feelings astounds me. Amazing what we're all going through, and yet we still keep getting up and improving. That's gotta be good! It's those days where it seems like everything's going to sh*t though ... they keep coming pretty often really. No wonder we're all chaotic inside though, considering Mother Earth herself is chaotic at the moment. I'm wondering if we'll go through this for as long as it takes Her to settle down ...

  • It will get better, I went through a lot, it's not the going thru but the overcoming, you will be better than you ever have been before, I'm a living testomony and you are too. Cosmic Waves are coming too, I pray for all of us, hang in there, Trust me I jumped up Saturday and grabbed a suitcase wanting to escape and then I thought where the hell are you going on a half tank of gas, it passed. Be still and detach and stay in your Heart chakra send everything to the light to be transmuted and stay grounded and breath, don't listen to your ego mind, I imagine myself ducking underneath it, it's a stream of negative thoughts looking for something to attach too, shake it off. Love you's!

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