Earth Keeper Log: Dancing the Sun, the Moon and the Stars

  • a message from Celia Fenn

    It has been an intense time since the Portal Transit in December 2012. As we move into the New Year, I think there are few of us who cannot say that we have experienced some kind of huge transformation and transition in our own personal lives as we enter into this space of the "New Reality" and a Quantum Experience of Time and Space. For me it almost seems as if Time and Space have ceased to have meaning as they did before, and have all sort of coalsced into the Present. This is, of course, a wonderful in Present Time....but it also means that many things from the past that were not dealt with are now insisting on being dealt with right now!

    Equally, we are walking in a Powerful Lanscape, where the Archetypes from the Sixth Dimensional Dreamscape are powerful influences in daily life. What does this mean? Simply that life is becoming more intense, more powerful and more requiring of the Spirit of the Spiritual Warrior and the Interdimensional "Walker Between the Worlds"....that's us!!!

    Let me explain how I am experiencing this. I have felt since December an intense energy in my Body System. I felt at first that it was "anger", as it seemed to make my tolerance levels quite low, and perhaps this was bad? Then some days I felt like steam was coming out of my ears....!!! Then I would wake up in the morning and feel the waves of Soul Energy in my Body, but this time intensified and almost twice as powerful as usual. Along with many others who are clairsentient I can actually feel when my Soul/Spirit works with my Physical Vehicle. So, I was wondering what was happening, when I suddenly understood that I was in the process of embodying a New Archetype of the Divine Feminine, and that it was a much more Powerful and Creative Energy than anything I had felt before. This was the Energy of the New Solar Goddess Athena Solara, who had introduced herself to Humanity at the 11/11 Portal in 2012.

    This is the image that I use to depict here energy. I don't know who made this picture, as it was sent to me without an artist, but please understand that I am honoring the artist and the image:

    She is the Solar Divine Feminine Energy that embodies the Power and Grace and Creativity of the New Earth. We are just coming to know her and her power. She is a Fire Goddess, but she is not Sekmet or Kail or even Pele. She is Powerful but not Destructive and Vengeful. She honors life. As the former Goddess of War in the Old Earth she has been upgraded to represent the New Earth Energy of Honor for Life that rejects war as a solution, while still keeping her Wisdom, her Power and her Independent Spirit.

    She is, above all else.....the New Cosmic Sun Dancer!

    Her Graceful Energy weaves through the Clouds and the Mists at Sunrise and at Sunset....She is the "Fire on the Water" and the "Light in the Sky". These are words from the song I wrote for The Dolphin Dreaming Project called "Desert Star", and which I Co-Created as a Dance Performance in New York City in December. So this is also the Story of how this Energy loves to Dance and Weave Magic with the Solar Light Power of the Ascended Christ Consciousness.

    As I have felt her Energy I have realized that the best way to express this energy is through Creativity and Movement, otherwise it "backs up" and starts to create chaos vortexes all over the place. Recently my birds spent three days throwing all their bird seed from their feeders all over my clean tiled floor before I worked out what was "wrong" with them.....hmmmmm Sun!

    Ancient people's have always known the Power of the Sun Dance and the necessity of "Dancing with the Sun", both to integrate the incoming Light Codes and to assist the energy to pass through their bodies and be grounded. You cannot integrate and absorb this kind of Solar Light energy just by sitting and asks to be moved through Time and Space and sung and danced!

    And so it was in New York City in December that I found myself Singing and Dancing.....yes me!...I was nervous as this was a new kind of audience for me. I have performed before but with Spiritual audiences I normally just channel. But Life is an Adventure and I am always up for a challenge! I had created the Song with my Dolphin Dreaming Musician partner, Johann Kotze, as a way of honoring the Divine Feminine and also celebrating Peace in the Middle East ("Desert Star" is about the Shekinah/Divine Feminine who dances the Grace of God....Inshallah).

    Also interesting was that in the program of the Ascension Event where I performed, the program had clearly been "arranged by Spirit". I was to be on just after a talk by Marc Brinkerhoff, an Artist and E.T. contactee. At the time I though it was strange...but then I saw why. I began my piece by offering a Transmission of the Angelic Fire Energy from Archangel Michael and then went into a Dance with a Dancer friend, Jewel Ferrari, who carried the dance energy leaving me free to "weave" around her dance. The Dance and the Music opened a Magical Portal to Higher Dimensions. It continued the work done by others at the Event to allow energies from Higher Dimensions to come through....but as Jewel and I danced the Energies we were embodying the Sun Goddess...and the Moon and the Stars.....we were creating a portal to Higher Dimensions of Consciousness.....

    I know this because as we were dancing I looked at the audience and they were basically enthralled. This was not because we were such great dancers or because of our great choreography, we were both winging it to the music, but I think we were channeling an Energy that wanted to be expressed at that time, the New Divine Feminine Power. Some of the people who spoke to me afterwards said they were "mesmerized" or "speechless".....and again that was not so much because of anything that we did, but because the dance was allowing the creation and expansion of an Energy Vortex to Higher Dimensions.

    So, I have come to realize that as we embody these New Archetypal Energies, we will expect firstly increased Power and Energy in our Lightbody/Body System. This also applies to Men, as the Appollo Solaris Archetype is very strong in them too, and I have seen men waking up and entering into the flow of this energy. And secondly, it will ask for increased Creativity and to be expressed as Movement in Time and Space. It wants to Dance and Celebrate and express the Cosmos through Us!

    I noticed too that recently there was a huge "outbreak" of Sun spots on the Sun, but no active Solar Flares, and yet I could feel immense power! I realised that the sun was Dancing with us....asking us to move with the energies and to feel the power of Cosmic and Solar Interconnection.....through our Lightbodies and our Solar Chakras.

    Yes, we are really not in Kansas anymore, Toto. This is a New Reality and we are just beginning to explore the relationship between our New Lightbody and Body system and the Flows of Energy from the Sun and the Galaxy and Beyond. And how we Co-Create with that Energy in the Dance of Life! We are just beginning to realize that we are Stardancers, moving gracefully through Time and Space to the Music of the Angels and the Divine Light.

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