May I have a reading please or just advice? Thanks :)

  • I'm at a lost here..seems as if no one understands me. My past relationships, I was always the person that cared too much. I've been hurt to the point where I've completed isolated myself from others, I don't know about the future concerning love. Recently I've been attracted to this gentlemen, he's married and my professor. I suppose not knowing a thing about him makes him more attractive? However, he often stares at me during lectures and give the subtle of hints regarding showing he cares...Somedays I'll ignore him and it seems he's ignore me back the next day..maybe I'm just imagining things but it surely does seem like he likes me but cannot show it due to circumstances...however I would love to know more please. He's a Scorpio sun, Aquarius rising & moon..I'm a Libra sun, Pisces moon, Scorpio rising.

    May I have a reading please concerning this sector of my life? Or maybe just a general reading to gain insight. thank you 🙂

  • blueelst,

    Here is a reading, I pull on what you are feeling to help you see from a different perspective.

    your feeling bold, and starting something... keep using thought to your actions

    your feeling lonely...maybe a little lost...

    you have courage and want things... i get the feeling you are either totally in love or hate...a swing of emotions...

    there was something you were going to start that doesn't feel cautious...think it out

    recently you have had good struggled thru it but it worked out

    you have someone watching out for you....there is strength in him

    you want joy and happiness and to meet someone

    your going to follow up your good news from above...with a little more

    you also have a mother figure looking out for you

    Just remember things will get better....things that you are having anxieties about now will work themselves out

    remember you can make things happen, use your organization skills and your courage and most of all believe in yourself ....and you will make it happen

    My two cents….I picked up that you can make things happen; you have the courage and the ability to do that. All you have to do is want something and trust yourself. Things aren’t as bad as you may feel, you will get thru this. I think the swing of emotions is part of this, look at things without putting emotions to them. I get the feeling you are a strong thinker so lay out what your choices have been. Look at them from different eyes and see why you picked certain people. Look at what you liked and disliked and see if you can find someone to fit the new bill. Put yourself in a position that will benefit you, and don’t worry so much…have fun.

    Hope that helped


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