What does this mean?

  • Help! My chart wheel is very lopsided! Nothing hits my 3rd, 4th,5th, or 6th houses! Nothing hits my 12th house either. Gemini is a dominat sign in my chart also, falling into Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Saturn! In adition my 8th house is hit 4 times, with the 7th house coming in second with two hits. This is probably confusing…maybe I should just break it all down for easier translation.

    Sun Gemini 7th

    Moon Gemini 8th

    Mercury Gemini 8th

    Venus Gemini 8th

    Mars Cancer 8th

    Jupiter Capricorn 2nd

    Saturn Gemini 7th

    Uranus Libra 11th

    Neptune Sagittarius 1st

    Pluto Virgo 10th

    I am very worried about this. Am I suppose to fight against my Gemini tendencies or embrace them? Why is my 8th house hit so hard and what does that mean? Is this something I need to be focusing on also? What am I suppose to be working on to better/further myself in life?

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