Up and down

  • i have had several positive readings but am having trouble accepting. want to believe but have to keep going back for reassurance. whats wrong with me?

  • The problem is that there isn't a problem. Always believe in yourself.

  • thank you dalia-- sometimes its not easy to believe in ones self--but i will keep trying to stay positive.

  • Jayjune, on what topic have you had several positive readings?



  • HI THANK YOU FOR ASKING--- of course relationship-- he runs hot and cold--been told it would all work out-- that i have to be patient-- we would end up together--- trying to stay positive but always slip into this emotional turmoil of doubt!!

  • Jayjune,

    you're welcome!

    First, there is nothing wrong with you, but deep down you know this. : ) The doubt you feel may be telling you something important, so simply pay objective attention to it. I feel the reassurance you're looking for may be a need inside you to relocate your faith.

    I think faith is misunderstood, in that things don't go our way with something SPECIFIC and so we allow our faith to slip a notch, or two. Or three.

    Soon, it's rolling downhill and we feel like we're crashing. : )

    Faith is not about G-d sending us exactly what we desire. It's not about getting rich. It's not about being with Ted 'cause he's our dream guy...

    It's about knowing that our needs are taken care of. What needs?

    Love. Abundance. Joy. Contentment. Peace. Companionship. Friendship. Community. Right Occupation (true service) and that we can and will fulfill our Destiny.

    Your partner may or may not be a part of your spiritual destiny. But your faith and its condition belong to you. You make good decisions for you. So know that whatever happens is co-created by the two of you, and no matter what, you will be taken care of.

    Many blessings,


  • Hello JayJune! The same EXACT thing happened to me and I was an emotional wreck until I read my life purpose report and it told me that my perfect partner will not come along until I have acheived inner peace & balance and am actively pursuing my life's work. If you haven't read your life purpose report I strongly recommend that you look into it because it can give you powerful insight into your inner demons that may stand in your path to having fulfilling relationships and the steps you will have to take to overcome them. It gives you a plan of action instead of just an insight into a situation so that you can reach your highest potention, both in life and in love.

    Let us know how it goes, and always remember that all the love you need is already within you, you just haven't let yourself feel it yet! (I'm working on that too!)

  • everything`s gonna be allright!!

  • This post is deleted!

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