Hi Astra, could you do a reading for me please :)

  • Hi Astra,

    Your so awesome! you did a reading for me last year and I wanted to know if you could do another reading for me please.

    By the way I am one of your blog subscribers and I haven't received any updates, are you still blogging? I miss your reports.

  • Hi aenyu!

    Nice to see you out there... thanks for the request. This is a "midnight reading" as the cat woke me up haha... i like the night time anyway, nice and quiet.

    You know, I took a break from the blogging, it seemed like I was writing to myself, and I got kinda tired of it... I may pick it back up, I always enjoyed it. Nice to hear that you liked something there!

    *** OKay here is a reading for you ***

    This is a Celtic Cross which I have been using mostly lately, it is a great spread to examine a lot of aspects of our lives.

    I can tell you right now that your life is working with a lot of path energies, role, purpose, direction, creativity, passion for your work, life goals, and mystical and spiritual interests, magic, very nice focus. So let's look at this...

    Situation - 7 of Wands - 7's are pauses, reflecting... so in Wands this is a pause to reflect on your life path, purpose and higher concerns. So the timing of your reading request seems to show that reflective mood you are in. You could be finding yourself daydreaming a lot lately, pondering, praying, seeking guidance or direction for your life. Maybe an old model for your life has provided what it cold and you are seeking a fresh start, new insights, a higher deeper dimension to living!

    Crossing that - The 3 of Pentacles - So, this is a strong card of work, career, and employment, Financial concerns and the planning that goes along with that. I think you are seeking this 7 wands path "answer" as it applies to your work, career, or creative concerns. You are thinking a lot about what kind of work, what direction of employment, a new path of expression in your avocation, hobbies, creative arts, you are very much "expanding" your consciousness in general and that expansion is wanting to focus in on work as the "end result" of your higher, aspirational, reflective style and attitude right now. You could be between jobs, or at a place where there are work related concerns and this is really prompting you to explore ALL possibilities in your life path for answers.

    Above you - Judgment (Resurrection) - This is a very strong "higher arcana" card of ultimate life purpose, as you are being "drawn upward" to find yourself in your Wand purpose. You can see the wands in this card, a Queen figure which is "mastery of path" is hidden in the card, along with 5 swords which is mind altering openness, being flexible in your thinking. This card is another VERY strong sign that you are indeed OPEN to many possibilities for your life, seeking a path that is really YOU and very fun, rewarding, fresh. This is the card of a "new birth", being born again, starting over, a fresh and lovely beginning in some new endeavor of purpose, mode in life. You are REALLY desiring highest, brightest purpose now, you are wide open to a new path and it seems that you are associating this "new path" with work or career. You equate "path" with your "work" very strongly.

    Below you - (foundations or background for your present position in your life) - The 10 of Wands - This is another very strong card of path and purpose and direction. The 10 is the fulfillment of the sequence PLUS a new one. So it is seen often as a "crossroads" energy. You reached the conclusion and what now? is the idea. This tells me that you are a very strong achiever. No sooner do you finish one path or goal than you are off seeking the next dimension or asking the question, now where do I take this accomplishment. You are very path focused in life in general. You like to ask the question, "Why am I doing this" and you are not afraid to look honestly at the answers, and make whatever changes are needed to move you forward. So you are very much at one of those "crossroads" now in life, ready to take the next step, the fresh start, the new beginning, a new lifestyle or mode of creative expression! You are really wide open to possibilities right now - exciting!

    Again it is wanting to be channeled into work and career it seems, your work life must be very, very important to you.

    Past influence - The Lovers - This is a fading or receding energy in the somewhat recent past for you now. An emotional or relationship situation that doesn't seem to have any continuity or extensibility into your future. I see no further cups, until the last card in the spread, so my sense is that there was a relationship, or love, or companion, something VERY emotional and love-related in your recent past that has been let go of. This has contributed to landing you in your present situation, of seeking deeply your path and purpose and personal creative expression. Apparently the love affair or interest didn't work out or faded for some reason. There is an abrupt end of emotional energy in your life recently, and everything has shifted immediately to a focus on YOU and your path and purpose, which seems to be perfect for you. So, whatever that was back there has served a significant purpose for you, in keeping you on path, track with your life role. It may have bee a "love experiment".

    Approaching influence - The QUEEN of Wands - And yes, you can see now how you are QUICKY re-organizing yourself into a strong path and deeper purpose, this Queen represents mastery of path, and she is a very well-developed and organized energy of that creative fire you possess. So, while at this present moment you may not see exactly where you are heading you soon will. The Queen of Wands knows who she is, where she is going, what she is about, she knows the colors to use, the notes to sing, the job to aply for, the people to associate with, the spiritual energies to avail herself of. The Queen of Wands is very successful at whatever she sets her hand to because she knows herself, she has sought higher purpose and the divine pleasure from "up there", so she is well integrated into the flow of the Universe. Since she has taken the time to seek counsel from sources greater than herself, she is clicking in life, the pieces fall into place and she is going to be VERY fulfilled and happy and excited about where she is now going. This is very exciting news for you, and shows a dramatic development coming for you aenyu! I can tell you are very much on a wonderful personal journey now, and shortly you will get the answers you seek and you will find your place of expression in work or expression, creativity that you long for.

    Future environment - The 3 of Wands - So, another wand and this is the 3, which is affirmation PLUS. So this is another very nice wands card which shows you early in a new path (3 level) and having attained the Queen's mastery of her purpose, she knows, she moves quickly into the 3's of life, which are planning and focus, and a little miracle magic too. So this shows you settling into a new situation very soon where 3-ness is working for you. 3's are growth, and very much YEARNING energies, so in Wands this tells me that whatever it is that you discover about your life, your personal style and interests, is so richly rewarding, so deeply fulfilling, so amazingly wonderful that you can't wait to jump out of bed in the morning, dash into your work or creative labor, it is something you LONG to do, something that is the REAL YOU, something you cherish more than life itself. This 3 is also a card of teamwork and companionship, and offspring, in the sense of sharing what you are learning with others, expanding your sphere of influence. I life this path you are on aenyu! I want some of whatever you are tapping into!!! Please share when you find it! 🙂

    Outer influences - The 8 of Wands - I can't recall a reading I have ever done for anyone, including myself where the Wands of path are as strong as they are with you. This 8 is yet another very positive and lovely energy sort of "wrapping itself" around you right now. The 8 energy is very much like the 3 in that it is expansive and yearning to attain the next level of fulfillment. For this reason it is often typified as a "quick" changes and developments influence. Wands are also strong "messages" cards and communications and information sent or received is often a part, So in this 8 Wands, as it is an OUTER influences position, is a strong sign of RECEIVING much needed communications and messaged from your world. I would be expectant to hear something you have been needing, an answer from a friend or business associate, a group, organization provides some helpful guidance or an answer to something you have been asking. I would be expecting your path to VERY soon level out, settle in, drop into a groove you have longed to find. The presence of the 8 Wands in this position tells me that you can expect ASSISTANCE in your path search, that your world of contacts, associations, organizations, friendships, enter your life in a perfect way to provide those little nudges and tips and even offhand remarks that cause you to hear wisdom for your journey, and it helps immensely.

    Hopes and Concerns - The 5 of Pentacles - So this is tying back to that 3 of Pentacles crossing you, which is a card of material and financial adjustment. Again, this must be very much related to your work, career path, something like that. You must be LONGING for change in your work life, your home or security pattern, the physical aspects of your life you are really wanting to see changes in. So with all of this WAND path energy working through you lately, you are associating that very strongly with help, improvement, assistance and much needed changes in your material and financial life. So you could be in a situation that you long to see improve, could be work, career, as I mentioned you could be between jobs, or between careers, that sort of thing, You are making a very strong association with the MATERIAL aspects of your life and this WANDS answer of purpose. It is personal, fulfilling work and expression that you desire to see the Wands help you with.

    Outcome - The DEVIL - The Devil is where you are trying to get to. What is the Devil? The Devil is a playful, fun, carefree, happy energy where life is SEEN in new ways, embraced for what it IS and not what it means. I think in your case you are making a significant breakthrough in how you SEE life, there is something very important about your visual mode of life, you could be an artist, painter, something where what you SEE is very important to you. You long to SEE life working, the material taking shape under your hands. This is where the Wands are taking you. Where you really are trying to get to, deep down. Not so much materially really. Material would follow as a matter of course after the Devil.

    Think of the Devil as the screenplay of life. The visually described purpose, story or drams. Once you have the right screenplay, the other pieces all fall into place naturally, and THEN you find the material rushing in to accommodate you, the sets are created, the costumes are ordered, the special effects dept. is geared up, the cast is assembled, the MOVIE is then under way, and THAT is shown in all of the physical, material and financial pieces falling into place. So the money and material is not your real concern, your real passionate concern right now is WHAT is the SCREENPLAY of my life, what does it look like, what is my role, and how does my role fit into my world around me? You know that DEEP DOWN once you have the right screenplay, the rest will proceed nicely and efficiently. So the 5 of Pentacles "hopes" is really saying "Yes I am LONGING to see changes in my material setting, in the physical aspects of my life!", and probably financial is a big part of that. However where you are really heading first before all of that is to get the VISION and the set design determined first. Were you in the entertainment industry I would say you are poised to develop a movie, you could be between screen plays, looking for the perfect synthesis of drama and fiction and love (for LOVE is in your past and you will draw from that in your creative work).

    I see the Devil and I think theatre, drama and laughter. You really want to see the laughter return in your life, The lovers was perhaps a phase you experienced and that has ended, and now you are seeking very much for your new path (the new Movie that is YOUR amazing life!). So where there is changes like that, especially moving so suddenly from an emotional period and then all of a sudden seeking path and purpose again, tells me this new expressive path for you will be quite profound, wonderful and awe-inspiring! ALL of the parts and pieces for your life role are being rapidly assembled aenyu, this drama you are writing, this screenplay you have been working on, this painting approach you long to discover will soon, very soon be given, answered, and your PATH of CREATIVITY will find you very, very fulfilled and with a cast of thousands with you too I am sure!

    So, bottom line… expect some amazing developments very soon, as it applies to your creative life, work and career is what I see. I could have just replied with that, however I like to write and I get so immersed in your life when I write. When you do cast that movie, when you come to a part where you need a helicopter pilot for one of the scenes, please keep me in mind, I am flying helicopters lately. Well, toy ones anyway, haha…

    I hope that gives you something to work with, please let me know if I can help further in any way!

    BEAUTIFUL things happening for you! 🙂

    Also... there is a nice little 2 of CUPS hidden in that Devil card... and so, after so long a time, a parched desert of love perhaps... something nice in a relationship for you that is very, very, very nice. And devilish! In a nice, sweet innocent way... of course...

    love and light,



    That's craaaaaazy, you were spot-on on EVERYTHING! Even the movie I am writing (that's crazy). How in the world? I'm just freaking amazed. AWESOME reading, I just love, love, love you. You never cease to amaze me. Thank you for sharing your awesome gift with me, I hope to meet you in person one day you blow me away. Thank your cat with a great treat for me because the universe sure knew that I needed this message this morning, I was so angry and discouraged with my job, and it was a real treat to receive this reading It brought tears to my eyes, laughter to my spirit, and a spring to my walk. I was able to float through the day knowing that I am on a good path. Hugs, hugs, hugs & kisses. Please get back to blogging soon, I look forward to hearing more from you.

    Fantastic Wishes,

    One of your biggest fans

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