• Hi there!

    It's been a very long time since I've been on here and needed a reading. Actually I was hoping I wouldn't need one again but desperate times call for desperate measures.

    So here it goes. My bday is 8-27-82 and his is 9-21-74. He and I have been friends (intimately) for the past 4 1/2 years. Since I met him he has always been the kind of the guy that needed time to think, reflect and just do his own thing. I am the same way (to a certain extent). It takes a lot for me to get bored with someone. For him, it's constant communication that kind of bores him. Like I said, he requires a bit of time to himself which I appreciate and am A-ok with.

    Our communication with one another has been satisfiable enough for me. There have been a few mishaps and missteps but nothing so foul we called things off. We respect each others time and space. That's the preliminary stuff. Then there is our attraction and connection with one another. It by far the strongest most palpable element of our friendship. There are times when I can literally feel him next to me yet we leave three hours away from one another! Since day one he has been like a drug for me (sad but true) and me for him.

    You might ask: if everything is great, why are you here?! Well things aren't great. The spark, connection, and all that s e x y stuff that once was has been slightly fading and I wish it would stop disappearing! I've been thinking about he and I so much so often it's making me sick! It's like an obsession. I see him practically every night in my dreams!

    I just need a reading to answer a few things: when did the connection fade? Is it fading on my end or his? Should I even try to reconnect the passion that once was or is time to call it quits and move on? I've been reading the virgo horoscope and its making me dizzy. On one day it says a relationship that has recently gone dull will be reignited with passion but the. It also says its time to move on and end a certain relationship.

    PLEASE HELP!!!! The faster I know, the better I will feel (hopefully) and I will also stop having dreams about him! And advice/guidance is greatly appreciated!

    Love and light


    P.S. if things aren't going to work with me and him, why did I meet him??? What was the purpose? I really love him! He's said he loves me. He's asked me time after time to have his children and I would LOVE to do that when the time is right. So what the heck is going on???

  • Oh and one last thing, since Christmas I've been the only one to intiate communication. Usually he does. The last time we communicated I kind of got huffy about not hearing from him since Xmas and he said communication goes both ways. He was right so I made an effort and reached via text out three more times. But he hasn't. What now? I'm not sure if he wants me to try harder or perhaps he's met someone else and his interests simply lay elsewhere?

    Thank you again for reading this and providing any advice you can!


  • This post is deleted!

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