Tarot suits

  • Hi y'All! 🙂

    I am new here. I had a mind to start an erudite debate about the important points of Tarot but since I haven't see any such discussions here i did not bother. If readers think i am missing some worthy threads would they please let me [and all] know. I am sure there must be some but i am at a loss. Any learned readers i could read and debate?

    I was going to add this to a thread on suits but i can't find an appropriate one so here goes.

    I just read the latest blogpost from my favorite Tarot-reader about the 4 Tarot suits and it was great so i thought i would share it. She also has a new book of interpretations for Sex and relationships, "Sex & Tarot", which was as good as her brilliant "A System of Symbols" 416 page how-to book.

    Can't say enough good things about her.


    Her blog is new so you can follow it for more free Tarot wisdom.

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