Hello tarot nick.

  • Hi this vettech69. im sorry i think there was a misunderstanding on my last post. "dan" is the guy im engaged to, i was requesting a reading for myself. yes money is extremely tight now. the current boss my man is working for is a no good business owner who rips off my fiance and his teammate(best friend who also lives with us. anyway my fiance is considering the possibility of going solo in truck driving and his friend will do the same with the same company. my fiance is torn because he knows that if he goes with this company he will likely be gone alot! so it will make planning a wedding difficult with him overv the road.but the other option would be to stay with current boss but he doesnt take out taxes,etc.. and doesnt offer medical and benefits cause its under the table. and he expects his drivers to drive illegally which puts the drivers in harms way and vulernable to fines. he is having hard time finding companies that will take a rookie driver,etc.. anyway i would like a reading for myself as to what money,this quarter at my college program(for veterinary technology, and upcoming wedding has in store for me. as well as any insight to family,etc..

  • Well you can show him the reading and discuss it with him if he wants,

    I gave you a reading on the 8th...

    The readings are not going to solve your problems, they are a tool for helping you. Your decisions and choices take time to run thru, remember they are snap shots of what may happen... you decide the direction... like you did talking to your mother. The tool “you need to stabilize those emotions...because it will cause fights with the emotions flying...you love and fight at the same time” From your response you had a good talk and tried to straighten things out. You have a better understanding of how she is thinking. You could not have done that with your emotions they way they were…you tried to knock the walls down.. and it is at least a start. Did it solve the problem no, but did it make it better, yes…and will it take time to heal, yes… So look at the readings as help…take the steps and work thru your problems…time and planning.

  • thank your input i know readings cant solve all the problems, but i like some outlook to future to see whats on the horizon. i know the future is not set in stone but some outlook would be helpful. whats is the likelihood of my family coming to my wedding? is my fiance going to stay with this company, if so what kind of hometime will he get? or is better off going to another company? this is something that is bothering him and myself. right now is no fighting or out of control emotions. just stressed about money,etc.. but thats typical nothing new there lol is my fiance going to stay with this current company for long? or will it be short lived? we feel stuck when it comes to his work right now, like there are very limited options right now and he is just trying to take work where he can find it.

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