Hi Moon,May I have a reading?

  • Hi moon50, how are you? I haven't been on the site for a while. Hope your well. May I have a reading from u please? I recently explained to my boyfriend that my visa in the states is expiring soon and I need to figure things out ASAP. I think he got the message that I want to get married. And I know he has been planning to propose... (heard from his friend by accident) I didn't say anything to "push" him.. Not my style. I just want everything happen in a smooth natural way. I'm wondering what's on his mind regarding the propose after the conversation? Is he thinking of proposing soon to help me out with my visa prob? And Will he propose soon? Any infor u pick up please 🙂 thanks!

  • Hi Aprilca

    Well, my initial reaction is hmmm, a visa should not a marriage make.

    Do you want to marry this man because you want to marry him more than stay in the country? Do you want to stay in the country because of him? Those are questions you need to ask yourself and answer yourself honestly.

    He may be wondering what your motivation is, and whether or not a proposal is the right thing to do for him. He wants to be with you, but I think he's feeling that marriage is too big a commitment for it to be influenced by a visa problem. He wants things to take their natural course (like you have said) and for marriage to be something that becomes a WANT rather than a necessity, if you understand what I mean.

    I can't be more specific than this, and hope it helps!




  • Hi Moon, thanks for the reading and sorry about my late response. Been travelling and it's been a bad trip. Ugh. I agree with everything u had to say and to answer ur question, I love this guy very much. And he's the one I want... I hope he knows that.. So do u mind if I ask u one last question abt him? Will he approach me sometime soon? That's all! Again, thx for ur help. Hope everything is good on ur side!

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