Who are my guardian angels? And yours?

  • Who are my guardian angels? How can I find out?

    There's a lot going on around me right now that is more than a bit odd and I figure it's as good a time as any to call in reinforcements. I'd like to call on my guardian angels but I don't know who they are. How do you figure that out? Can anyone tell me who my angels are or how to learn their identities?

    Who are yours? I'd like to learn more about this topic.

    Miss Beth if you are browsing, could sure use your input on this one.

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  • That would be aweson to know your guarian angels, all I know is when they are around good things happen

  • Thanks, looking forward to many replies and soon.

    There have been times in my life when I truly felt safe or not alone and it has been my experience that in at least some of those times I was sure there was help right there in the room with me. My visual receptivity is lacking but my sense of knowing is pretty good. Unfortunately I tend to let my human weakness or concern about such things get in my way and prevent me from trusting my gut. It is my hope that through this thread my guardian angels will come forward and make themselves known to me in ways I will understand and accept, if the aid of others is warranted to make this happen I pray they are receiving this message too and will step forward soon to offer their council.

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  • Me too! Miss Beth is not around any more. I have many guides thats for sure. Happy Hunting!

  • Ok, so on an interesting side note. The little one came to me this morning and she told me she saw an angel. She had dark hair and golden wings, her dress had gold on it too and she was just there watching her. Isn't that cool? At least we know what her angel looks like. Gotta love kids.

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  • Yes, she is indeed an amazing child, she proves it in new ways almost every day. So glad her angel is watching out for her. But I'd still like to learn about my own......anyone know how to do that?

  • You are supposed to sit within your Heart Chakra and silence your thoughts and it will come to you. Not so easy, I see them, feel them, names I don't know.

  • We will KNOW SOON.

  • I mentioned earlier on the other thread that I often felt like someone was in the doorwary watching me, perhaps it was my angel and I wasn't attuned to realize that. Reading your info on the other threads about the upgrades and new software etc is amazing. Makes one realize how far we have come and what remarkable things really have come to pass over the last year. Still trying to tune in to my angels but I'll work on that. If anyone communicates with them let me know.

  • Yep! I'm so sleepy, must sleep.

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