Love reading - please advice

  • I normally think that I don't need love reading since it will come soon or later.. However, everything seems not right.

    I've been in relationship few times and all of my exes cheated. After failing so many times, I pay lots of time to dedicate to my career only. And it's been 4 years without dating anyone now.

    At first, I thought that it's ok to be single since i'm happy with what I am. It's fine for awhile. Now i'm turning 28 years old soon. All of my single friends have bf and gf which made me feel left out sometimes.

    It's not that there is no body asking me out. It's just i don't feel interested in going out to get to know new people and I'm afraid of being hurt again.

    I want to look for the right guy who I can be friend with. Will my love life be better this year? Please advice

    Thank you in advanced.

    DOB: 23/Mar/1985

  • Your love life will not improve until you lose your fear of being hurt. And you can only break through fear by doing exactly what you fear.

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