Aquarius hard to understand

  • Can someone here explain this behavior.

    Aquarius Feb 14, 1954 (do not know time or city) becomes involved with Leo 8/3/53 Capricorn Rising Gemini Moon. Then after 3 or 4 years of talking stops speaking to the Leo.

    After a year of dead silence (2007) calls the Leo out of the blue and says he understands if the Leo does not want to speak to him. Things take off as if it was yesterday.

    WHY would Aquarius act this way with someone they say they care about? Anyone have insight?


  • Hmmm….can you give me more info? You said 3-4 years of talking, was/is this a romantic relationship? Did something happen between the 2 of you to cause him to stop speaking to you?

  • Hi, Sounds like another woman. Why did you get back together with this person. I'm Aquarius and I hope that I haven't treated anyone like this. Are you sure that there wasn't anything in your behavior that caused this--think about it. Are you still with/talking to this person and for how long.

  • I am an Aquarius, and I am all to familiar with being in your partners shoes. From what I read, it's obvious that he cares. We air heads tend to float off at a whim, or just take off.. that is in our nature, but it really really means something if we come back. I am all to familiar with the Aquarius Leo thing too, and it is very hard, on both parties, however, you will come to see how much you really do need each other. In time, you may even come to accept that this aquarius will give you some much needed space with out a whole lot of jealousy or insecure emotions coming up, U can be comfortable in your own space with an aquarius around. If you want to keep him, DO NOT TRY TO ENTRAP HIM, unless you're looking for an easy way out. Just go with it, when he is there, he is very there, and when he's not that hurts, i know, but just have faith, and if you give him the space he needs he will come back every time. I hope this helps.

  • I am an Aquarius women and has dated an Leo man. He spoiled me to no end. He gave me everything but was no there in person atlease no for long. They love to provide. I needed that time. I don't think that the passion was there for me. So i ended up talking to someone from my pass who was a Gemini and there was such a connection there. The understanding was there and the passion is like out of this world. And I can I truly love this man. He is a challenge for me always having thinking. Leo's are just o.k fro me, But the passion has to be there.

  • Well yes and no. Live in seperate states but he calls everyday after work.

    I am not sure I completely understand it is link the Aquarius is keeping the string hanging but does not really act.

  • Well no I do not think so.... However when he called back he said he missed me.

  • I didn't have good experience with aqua man so I might be a bit biased here. but he was kind of strange anyway and long story I broke up with him. he was mad he said he had a gf living out of town so he was with me because he felt pity. nobody ever knew if he did have a gf. I for one didn't like being two-timed, and even if he was just making it up, I didn't appreciate lies either. so either way it's not working out. I never called him again, he still called for christmas or whatever. I either hung up or ask what I need to know then hang up. I started 'looking' again but was also dealing with study problems. Got a job then found the person I wanted to marry and married him. A Cap, which is not emotional, therefore not emotionally confusing like this Aqua.

    give yourself a break. don't go with him until it is all clear what's going on. you should ask him this question actually. only knows why he treats you that way, don't you think? if the answer doesn't seem right to you, drop him. waste no more time of your precious life. this Aqua had actually told his friends that he didn't break up with me. lol well he can say anything and it won't stop me from living my life the way I want to live it. whatever he said, if he can;t prove you, don't believe it. doens't matter what sign.

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