2013 - Transformational Changes Caused by the Cosmic Moment

  • a message from Diana Cooper

    The energy of the cosmic moment has poured in so that 31% of people have ascended to the fifth dimension. That is almost a third of the planet and this suggests wonderful possibilities for the future. However, first the light is clearing out the lower energy in many people so that the new frequency can enter the cells. No wonder there has been a flu and sickness epidemic as the old is forced out of the chakras. I do think it makes it easier to bear if people realise they are going through a purification.

    A lot of the sickness has been clearing stuck energy in the navel chakra. For lifetimes cultures, religions, countries and even families have had differences because of these blockages. However as navel chakras throughout the world start to open and glow with fifth dimensional light people will see their common bond. Togetherness will grow and communities will start to form where people help and support each other.

    Others have been clearing their throat chakras and third eyes. This is allowing them to open up to their higher spiritual gifts and also to connect with the wisdom of Orion.

    Some have been releasing fear from their solar plexuses through sickness, so they can access their true wisdom.

    It seems to me that the birds have been singing even more beautifully this year. They are singing to us of our divine beauty and the magnificence of creation. As people feel the light within themselves and nature they will be kinder to animals, more respectful of trees and plants and connect to the joys of nature. When the light shines more brightly it accentuates the shadow and this is why there is focus on animal poaching and cruelty. We are asked to send love and respect to animals everywhere and not to energise the shadow. It also helps to draw yellow energy from the portal at Yellowstone and send it to the minds of those who do not understand who animals truly are.

    Because the frequency of the planet and nature has risen so fast. (57% of animals ascended into the 5th dimension) trees and plants as well as animals will be touching us with their energy fields and helping us to grow. Walks in nature will be even more energising and uplifting than before.

    Not all but many of the sacred sites and portals, mountains and beauty spots are starting to radiate a golden glow, in which we can bathe. This will help to trigger our own wisdom.

    Another effect of the cosmic moment will be that businesses, politics, economies working according to the old paradigm will collapse more quickly than anticipated. Much more of the dark will be revealed. At the same time the new, operating in alignment with higher principles, will start to come forward.

    As people’s hearts and consciences expand there will be moves to bring peace, plenty, food and water to everyone. We share this world and fairness will prevail.


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