Smelling Smoke

  • For the past few years I find myself smelling cigerette smoke at random times and no one would be smoking. Lately, i've noticed an increase of the smell, off and on for the past 2 days. I've heard that it could be possible that someone might be trying to get my attention to tell me something, any ideas? And how would I know if it' someone bad or good?


  • Hey Divinemsscorpio.

    You could have a visitor sometimes people who smell or sense things are generally ghosts especially if theyre is nothing or no one else that could be making that particular smell. Sometimes the ghosts could be a family member and them smoking in the past could be trying to get your attention at sensing and wanting you to know that they are around you and looking out for you. Or it could be a friendly spirit popping by to say hello. I wouldnt imagine that its something bad because if that is all that is happening then it could just be a family member generally a ghostly visit checking in on you.. Just ask aloud or in your mind to give you a sign of what he/she wants or weather theyre related to you sometimes it doesnt happen and sometimes you might be lucky to find a significant sign left from them. The smoking is definitely one of them you just have to find out who it is. If the smell is bothering you too much you could say to them that its disturbing you and you wish to no longer feel they're presence or smel andl. send love and light to them and wish them well.. However it could be a warning just to be aware of something around you. Sometimes these things are a good omen depending on what you believe 🙂 But you definitely have some spirit keeping an eye on you.

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