Ugh, Astra. i dont what to do.

  • i really like him, and im attracted to him, but i dont know what he feels about me, does he anything, i think he does , but he has gf.

    and i dont know what should i expect in this situation, should i forget him or? im virgo, he is libra

  • Hi nency

    I took a look at this. Overall this looks very positive about you and him!

    I used a Celtic Cross and modified it to reflect specific questions about him in his thoughts and feelings about you. See what you think.

    1. His heart toward you - The Hierophant - This was an amazing card to see here, as I always think in relationship situations this can pertain to marriage. What this tells me is that this fellow is serious about finding a wife. Someone he can commit to. Looks like you showed up on his radar.

    2. Crossing his heart about you - Justice - This tells me that he is unhappy with his present GF, he has pretty well written her off as a serious candidate for a wife, and is looking for "justice" or someone else to balance the scales left by her absence.

    3. Above (His thoughts of you, what he really likes about you) - 5 of Pentacles. Well, its a pentacle. which means physical attraction. He likes your looks, his thoughts are swirling with some images of you... this is a 5 so even that is changing. He is also thinking that you may not want him, that you may not open the door to him. The physical interest is there for sure.

    4. Below (His "way" with you, a foundation of his feelings about you) - The Universe - This is another very positive card as regards his way, or style, or deepest manner about you. This is his "strategy" and this card is very honest, straight shooter is what I get. The World card is the "guarantee" of authenticity so he is being honesty and direct with you. He is serious remember? "Here comes the bride... la la lala.."

    5. Something he is letting go about you - The 5 of Wands - this is a card of path adjustments. I think with you entering his life, he really saw something in you that exited him. "Yes! I really like her! I wonder... could we be an item... is there a future here for us?" He thought about you like that very early on... and he has had to let that go, as he wants to get to know you better now. So we will see how this card returns later in the reading. He is simple put those more serious concerns on hold while he goes deeper with you, dating and getting to be closer to you.

    6. Something he is reaching for about you - The Judgment - Another very aspiring card related to his feelings about you! This is a card of "new beginnings" so he is totally done I am pretty sure with the gf, and is looking for a new start - with you. This is a card of a rebirth, a fresh start. This man has probably had his share of heartbreaks and is ready for something real, new, fresh, genuine, authentic, pleasing and very pretty... and there you are.

    7. The Future environment with him - 4 of Cups - Another VERY positive card for dependable and secure and committed love. The 4's are all about foundations, so he is VERY interested in a long term union, marriage. The future with him looks to be very solid emotionally. This is a great foundation to build on.

    8. How others see the two of you - The Magician - Magic! When you two are together, there is electricity, and others feel it. It is contagious. Magic, mystery, fun, happy, exciting, impressive, mesmerizing, these are all qualities of what you are together and how you present yourself to the world. So for you and him, your "image" toward others is something very magical... like a fairy tale come true.

    9. His Hopes and concerns for a relationship - The Queen of Wands - This is yet another indication of how serious this man is to find "the right lady" to get really serious with. This is a angelic lady, someone who knows that life is more than meets the eye. He is looking for a woman who can take him to heaven with her wands, casting a spell of love on him that he will cherish throughout the ages to come. You are the QUEEN OF WANDS to him. You appeared like an angel to him... out of the darkness...

    When all was gloomy, and he couldn't tell up from down. there you were.

    When he cried at night for love, and didn't even know what love was, there you were.

    When he begged Heaven for a lovely relationship, someone to call a friend truer than true, there you were.

    When he fell down on his knees, and didn't know where to turn, who to trust, there you were.

    There you were... Queen of Wands.

    10. The Outcome for this relationship - The 10 of Wands. You know, this card gets a bad rap. In this context I see something beautiful... in light of how serious he is about love, and a mate to call his wife or at the very least someone he can always love...

    with you as the Queen of Wands... and his earliest thoughts of you as someone to chart a path with (5 of Wands) ...

    With the Wands below in the Universe... 4 there... foundations...

    with the wands in the Justice card, two there (for he is ready to end foolish, nonsense relationships and open his heart to someone special...

    and the Wands in the Judgment card, 4... shaped just like a diamond, the Queen of Wands...

    and with the wands in the Magician card... 2... the number of companionship,

    NOW... we see that this 10 of Wands makes perfect sense... how SERIOUS he is about love and a PATH WITH SOMEONE SPECIAL and that seems to be YOU right at ground zero with him nency. He is ALL ABOUT PATH with you nency... this man is so desiring a lover, someone special...

    He is Libra too... the Justice scales. You will not find a more balanced man, than a Libra. Steady and dependable, a Libra knows the difference between the pretend versions of love, and the authentic... he tries the gold on his scales, and weighs the hearts... and when he finds someone genuine... like a lady like you... he determines in his heart that you are the one for him.

    What can I say? This guy is really falling for you. Should you forget him? If I met him, I wouldn't. How can you ever forget TRUE LOVE?

    Blessings nency. I am wishing hard for something really wondeful for you here... I have my fingers crossed for you... Queen of Wands...

    love and light,


    P.S. I think libras can be a little guarded about their true feelings, so don't let his calm exterior fool you. Still waters run deep.

  • oh this was wonderful to hear, but i didnt explain you whole situation cause i was interested in his feelings and our possible realtionship. but im in relationship too, and love that person so much, but i dont feel that intense love anymore. that person is a girl also libra. and i told her im not sure what im feeling about her, and im feeling so terrible now, and sorry. Andi dont know, wheater to stay with her or try with him, if he wants to even try. i got one reading that he is also attractted to me, but will leave me cos of his gf, but this one's saying different.

    i still dont know what to do? can u give me advice reading? she is 27.9, he 13.10 😞

  • Hi nency

    Okay gotcha... let me try this... I have chosen 3 cards to represent this love triangle.

    You are the Queen of Cups. Your Libra gf is the Queen of Pentacles, and this Libra man is the King of Cups. So I laid these out in a triangle, and I will simple pose some questions and see what we get.

    1. Toward whom are you really drawn at this time? Two of Pentacles = I think both.

    2. What is the outlook for your relationship with your Libra gf? King of Pentacles. Hmm that is interesting. This is a male pentacle card, I think she is going to find a relationship with a man.

    3. What is the outlook for your relationship with the Libra man? 3 of Cups - that is super positive nency! So far it looks like both of the females here are each finding a male mate.

    4. Will all of you continue as close friends, will the relationships develop in new ways? Empress, yes that is a VERY positive nurturing card. I see no reason for concern, you and your gf and she and her guy friend when they find each other - all of you are going to have a great time in life, interacting. Double dates!

    5. What does nency need to know about her relationship with libra gf right now? 4 of pentacles, that is physical maturity and stability. This sounds like continue to be close with her, keep your foundations intact with her physically.

    6. What does nency need to know about her relationship with the Libra gentleman? 2 of Cups. Love is developing there nency, a wonderful love relationship with him.

    So the message so far is your gf will find her own male companion, you and she should continue to be very grounded and close to each other and you are entering into a very nice love with the libra man.

    7. What will the relationship be like between your Libra gf and your Libra guy? 7 of swords. Hmm... quiet. I don't think they will talk a lot with each other for some reason.

    8. How is your libra gf feeling about you right now?Ace of Swords - she wants to talk. She feels like a sword may be coming between you and she wants to communicate about it. Knight of Swords, so someone there is making tracks to the other very soon to chat.

    9. What should you explain to your Libra guy about the Libra gf? 2 of Wands, be direct, open, clear about your path you have shared with her, I would open it out.

    10. What will happen next with your Libra guy friend? 4 of Cups, something important in love, this is a very strong foundations love card, so someone is setting the table or something. Dinner probably with him soon.

    11. What will happen next with your libra gf? 2 of Swords - the talk and some communication you really need to do.

    So, a lot of cups love starting up with the libra bf and a lot of heartfelt communication with your libra gf.

    12. What is the overall outcome of everything here? What can nency expect in her life soon? 2 of pentacles = I think the overall message her is physical balance and closeness with everyone. I see this situation working out for everyone, no hurt feelings or anything. Stay communicating with your gf and be open to love with the guy... everything will work out really sweetly for everyone!

    I hope that helps nency!


  • Here is the triangle...

  • uh astra, thank you. this never happend to me before. and i have read, that it happens frequent.

    I still feel very sad, and i cant have my gf out of my life, at the same time i want to be with him.

    What im afraid, that im gonna(okay maybe stay with her as friends) but she will never be my gf again , and this boy is gonna be with me just for short time, and im afraid i going to ruin our relationship cos of adventure. even though some people do both. and they thinks it's ok to love two person at the same time. However, i really hope, if i decide to be with him, and him with me, i hope it's gonna workout. I will keep u update if something happens, i need time to think and for him to show what he wants :=)

  • hey astra, lately he has distanced from me and he is kind of ignoring me. can you tell why he is doing that, does he decided to stay with his gf or he need time to think ?

    Can you tell me near future with him( like next month or two) ? What's gonna happen between us ?

    sorry to bother y you, im just c onfused

  • He is distant cuz he's dealing with life path issues, probably concerning you, knowing as he engages some interaction that sets a path in motion (with you). So he is focused on coming to terms with that path according to this card.

    To answer the near future, 2 of swords and then the Lovers. so a period of time like a month where matters are sorta quiet with him and then some sort of meet up, talking... then something suddenly romantic develops... lovers... off you go...

  • Thank you astra 🙂 I was worried, what's reason, i will tell you after a month or sowhat's happening.

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