Black cloud over my love life. HELP!

  • All I want more then anything is to be in love, find my perfect guy, get married and have more babies. Why do I keep attracting these guys who just play games? Is there someting wrong with me?! I am an attractive, smart woman with a good career, pay my own way in life, am a responsible mother to my son, I get asked all the time " Why are you still single?".

    When when when am I going to find my man?!? 😞 Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

  • ps my bd is nov 4 1984

  • Hello missashley84 well in many ways men do play a lot of games especially with beautiful young woman and sometimes it's hard to find the right man it's got to be the one you feel for most not just because of what they look like but because of their personality too and it helps to be freer within yourself knowing you are able to balance curtains things with your partner. I feel you can come across as quite shy and feisty but you have also have a lot of friends around you especially when your feeling down. I know sometimes life can be a bit of a battle and we all go through these battles but sometimes when the right man comes you'll just kinda get that inner connection to him kind of an energy link at the same time. Something almost out of this world.. I feel your looking too hard and you just need to stop looking and let the right person come to you but also find the one who you can be yourself around and not have to hide your inner being. Sometime it takes time to find that perfect man but time can be on our side. Sometimes they're are men who are right under our noses that we have known for along time and don't always see that they will be a future partner. The trick is to be open minded and follow your gut. Don't rely too much on other people's opinions and follow your own because sometimes they can be a little clouded and judgemental. You don't always want to follow others views of what they think is the perfect man for you. You want to be that person to decide and make the right choice. I feel that happens often in your choices they get kinda muddles between others thoughts on who you should be with. Just be yourself and try not to look to hard the right man will come. It takes a great deal of patients believe me but when he does he'll make your heart melt and you'll know it within seconds of. Looking at him. If the intention is out they're then it will come to you. Blessings n love bee.

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