Another request for The Captain

  • Hi The Captain.I think you are a pro, aren't u? I'm happy I found you. will you do a psychic reading for me? my date of birth: sep 11,1980. I love a man who is still involved in another relationship.his date of birth: january 2,1964.they don't like each other they are together just over material benefits and also they have a son( he is 17).can you help me? now it's about 3 months that I have no contact with this guy. He is very introvert and doesn't show his feelings but I know he loves me too but is too cautious to do sth about his life.waht do u see for us? what's the best I can do for both of us? many thanks in advnce.

  • No, I am not a professional and I don't charge for my services.

    You two are hard-headed people who inevitably butt up against one another. Neither of you is likely to be too flexible or understanding in this relationship, although you often gain each other's respect - at least enough to know that neither will allow th other to agress on their territory. This seriousness can undermine the tone of the relationship. You both deamnd a firm commitment from each other in a love affair but tif there are lapses in conduct or breaches of ethics, this can prove a strain for you Amaranta who find your friend's inflexibility too much to bear. He on the other hand can feel threatened by your more free-thinking and questioning style. Relationships like this can lack the necessary spark to sustain active feelings over the years.

    Your friend has a need to dictate to and be in control of everything and everyone in his life and to prove himself to others. A born executive, he often spends most of his energy seeking career advancement. Ultimately, however, building and caring for a family will be his greatest fulfillment and one he won't let go of lightly, if at all. It is in his nature to 'manage' his feelings and he will rarely do anything on impulse.

    So I doubt very much whether this man really loves you - he would not and could not stay out of touch with you for three months if he was in love. Look at his actions rather than believe anything he might have told you. His true commitment was not to you or he wouldn't have broken off all contact. He has behaved like a coward by not explaining to you how things really are and just leaving you dangling. Even if his marriage is troubled, I don't see him leaving his family once it is established - family is too important to him. It's also doubtful that it's only material benefits that keep he and his wife together - certainly the history they have together will be a factor.

    I wouldn't wait around any longer for this man.

  • Thank you very much .you're quite right the captain.I'd better forget him although it's hard for me.

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