• Astra, I was wondering if you saw me getting a job offer sometime within the next three weeks? It has been stuck in a committee (they are waiting for more information from me) before proceeding with giving me an interview.

  • Hi newme888

    Thank you for the reading request!

    Okay, drew a series of 21 cards to represent the next 21 days = this looks FANTASTIC to me for you getting the job. The cards are all very positive and beautiful...

    Day 12 from now seems to be it. The Ace of Swords and the 6 wands before and the 4 wands right after! That is so positive my cards are about to float off the table haha...

    You can also see after Ace of Swords (the offer) that a whole series of strong positive work related and affirming energies

    Empress, Universe, Wheel of FORTUNE, ACE pentacles, 2 pentacles, Hanged Man (maybe a day off there to catch your breath, go for a hike maybe :), Magician (you love it), STAR (you always new nice things were coming your way by never giving up), 7 of Wands (another pause, go out for ice cream with a friend and giving thanks), and it ends on The KNIGHT of PENTACLES, which is a very strong work, in action, working out... so yes, this looks awesome and I will expecting to hear the great news come day 12 (around Friday Feb, 1)

    The cards leading up to that are good too... you have friends in higher places.

    Love and blessings

    I am wishing nice things for you too...


  • Excuse me... I forgot to flop the photo so it is DAY 10 you get the word. Even better as that is sooner!

    ( take these shots with the laptop cam and it reverses them, so I have to remember to flop them in the photo editing app. )

    So, day 10 is the Ace of swords, and the 6 of wands the day before and the 4 of wands day after.

    So according to this expect to get the job Day 10 which is WED the 30th.

    Blessings, astra

  • Thanks astra!

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