Insight for 2013 :)

  • Would love some insight for this new year. Just a general reading is great. Thank you! Love & Blessings ~D

  • Month 1 - 6 of Pentacles - so presently you are mostly concerned with your material life, achieving a nice steady, balanced and nicely working material and financial life is your goal right now.

    Month 2 - 2 of Pentacles - this continues into month 2, with some sort of physical changes also, you could be rearranging something physical in your life, a new setting of some sort. I don't think an actual move although that is a possibility.

    Month 3 - Something happens in month 3 that is a shock. I don't know what it is, however my cards just went everywhere so there is a jolt or a sudden action that surprises you. Emperor. Window. Someone or something brings about a sudden change of perspective for you, I think it is a person a man, maybe. Whatever it is causes a total change in your view point about something that has been building for some time. A shocked look is what I get.

    Month 4 - Then the Empress - Okay, so now this is starting to make some sense. This is the companion to that Emperor she is the "inverse" of him, so it could be a meeting, that starts with this "shock" or surprise, and that seems to settle out into a companion stage for your life. This is something you have worked hard for, it is like someone (Emperor) shows at just the right moment for that next little push you needed. Now, the material supply is evident and working well.

    Month 5 - The 5 of Pentacles - wow. you can see how we are getting mostly all Pentacles, even the Empress is filled with them, so your MATERIAL life is really transforming, financially, a lot of nice ways. This month sees you changing or adjusting in some great ways materially. 55 this month, so watch yourself on the highway too haha...

    Month 6 - The Sun - at last! The light of a new day break through the clouds and you are seeing the results of all of your hard labors. Whatever has transpired until now has been only preparation, and now the "real goodies" shows up. This is a big turning point for you. Summer will be amazing for you.

    Month 7 - The Knight of Pentacles - Hey more pentacles! And this is a Knight, so more surging forward, could also portend a man, a young guy, involved with you here, helping. Somehow your love life and material life are starting to converge after that Sun card. This year is turning out super well for you in the ways you really need right now! Your FINANCIAL and MATERIAL life! The rest is details.

    Month 8 - The 8 of Pentacles - Okay I am going to take a break here and see if the angels changed ALL of my cards into pentacles while I wasn't looking. This is a great great card of affluence at work, you are really doing well, I mean it has been cooking all year but month 8 it is success seen by others, and you are known for it. So this is the month of promotions and some intense advertising and the rewards continue to mount.

    Month 9 - The 9 of Wands - Ahh... a break from the Pentacles and this seems to be you are taking a break, camping out around your success, sort of taking stock, averaging it out, being industrious within and without. This is a month of reflection for you as you see where your material path has led. You see how work works, and now you are looking - beginning to - for the next mountain to climb.

    Month 10 - The King of Pentacles - and now back to work, only this time it is with a man, the Knight above from month 7 returns, and is now a King with you. So this is a month of crowning success, this is when they run the ticker tape for you, this is royalty, rewards, made from the seeds you have been planting for years. Rich rewards. Wealth like diamonds.

    Month 11 - The Queen of Wands - so this is you at last. Appearing on the scene. This is the dawn of your labors, the sun has shined down upon you, making grace of your life. This is when you and the King take your seats and survey the wonder land before you. This is the month of happiness for you know that what you have done has been worth it, and you are in love with the life you have worked so hard to achieve. There are others involved.

    Month 12 - The STAR - This is your crown. This is what you will wear. The STAR diamond, of regal quality it will shine like the Sun that you passed through, this will be your diadem, and the signet of your AUTHORITY over the reign of angels. This is where your work has taken you. This is the HOPE you cherished ever since you were young, this is the KNOWING who you are since the time you first saw your reflection in the water, the river of life. This is perfection, summoned, made in a day. This is YOUR STAR and this STAR HAS A NAME.


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  • Hi dmick

    I didn't see anything alarming there, it was just the cards all went everywhere, maybe I am just a klutz haha... nothing to be concerned about, the Emperor is your "window in the world". The Empress is nurturing. I think whatever happens in month 3 that may have some nice "surprise" element to it, extends into month 4 in some way, that provide some additional aspect / balance to that "event". Sri, didn't mean to alarm you shock was probably not the best word to use there.

    I will look into it here a little more.

    Tarot? What more can you tell us about month 3 for Dmick59?

    I drew 3 cards and they are the Page Swords, the STAR and the WHEEL. So there is some message that you have really been hoping for that arrives, and this must set a turning of matters materially / financially that is VERY positive and exciting for you!

    Now we will ask the same again of month 4....

    Dear Tarot, can you help show dmick59 and I a little more about month 4?

    Again, 3 cards...

    WHEEL (again), SUN and the Page of Wands - so the good news continues and the Wheel continues to turn in your favor a very bright day opens out into a new phase of life. The wand page seems to be communicating back toward wherever the page swords was coming from, So there is some sort of two-way dialogue here that is great news and it really has a fantastic influence in your life, and great blessings you have been hoping for ARRIVE.

    So from month 3 - 4 you have the WHEEL-WHEEL energy so there is a double portion of positive energy blessings there for you!

    There you go dmick I hope that helps clarify the situation!


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  • Hi dmick

    You are so very welcome about the reading! My pleasure... always a pleasure... as for my painting I can't deal with it anymore... maybe one day when I can paint for FUN and give them to friends and not have to deal with the money angle of it.. i may get back to it. I cried more d@mn tears over art than anyone should ever have to deal with... I loved it... and I hated it... it led to my life being ruined. it led to a new life. So it was the best of time, and it was a nightmare and I done with it. If it comes back it will be because some angel takes pity on me and BRINGS it back, until then... not a place I care to go anymore... sri, excuse me, i know everything is always supposed to be happy and positive and lovely... la la la la la ...

    I drew some more cards for you just now... you do have some work related something happening soon... that is where you are heading. 6 of pentacles. Seems to be a man between you and that who is a part of that path or has a door for you, maybe offers you something... right now you are very focused on something a concern you are thinking about based on what you SAW (ayin).

    Whatever this work is, is something you touched recently and then it was put on hold... then it develops again it looks like, (7 of pentacles in your past path). Pause... thinking thinking thinking... PATH and a man... then it comes again (6 pentacles). Then this turns into the new thing (ACE wands) path which leads to love also it looks like (Queen Cups) and then there is some sort of AGREEMENT you are heading toward at the finish line.

    The MOON under you right now... so some concerns... and it is easy to mistake one thing for another, one situation may "look" dire when in reality it is wonderful... and something else may look promising that ends up being more than promising. It is all an illusion, a work of mystery... airy night. Air... at night...

    Whatever this is you are thinking about a lot right now is going to ultimately turn into an agreement. (2 swords) and somehow... there is love connected to that...

    Okay dmick I know you did not ask for that... just my way of saying hi and hope all is proceeding nicely for you... you do seem to be on a very unique and mysterious path that is quite nice... I see a much better situation for you... financially... and in every way... blessings to you...


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  • Hi dmick.

    hey thanks for bumping that I saw that yesterday and meant to reply...

    that is so ... totally... cool! THANK you for sharing that, how awesome! Shock of recognition 🙂

    You are right, I could not have predicted that it was a chance meeting like that!

    It does sound like he would love to catch up with you... maybe he is shy?

    We should have always remained friends, yes... well that is a "lovely love" you have toward him. I can only imagine that such a desire would be answered.

    I have this little deck I made with some fun cards... I just drew the "Reaching Out" card for you from that... so I can only think that means expect more, reaching out with him....

    I am doing well thank you for asking! THe sun is shining here. and life is beautiful.

    Love and peace


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  • Dmick,

    here is another oracle cards for you... from this deck I made up, I am calling it the "31 card oracle deck" ... I like the fact that there is an odd number of cards haha...

    The Investigator + the Seven Sisters

    The Investigator is a card that shows you are "investigating" something, looking at clues, examining a situation under a magnifying glass. The Seven Sisters are very "out of this world" influences, so together this sounds like you are either trying to understand a weird, "out there" life/relationship situation ...or you are interested in becoming an astronomer.

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