Astra, can I please have a reading if you have the time?

  • Hi Astra,

    Hope you are well. 🙂

    I would love a reading from you,

    I am moving very shortly and would love a tarot reading on this.

    Is the move for my highest good?

    Name is Elaine

    DOB is Jan 18 1983

    Thank you


  • Dear Elaine,

    Oh yes, this move looks amazing for you from the cards...

    Situation is the Ace of Cups, so something presently that is like a new love, could be this move represents a choice that you really love, are focused on emotionally (as a new direction).

    Crossing is the 8 of Swords, so it appears that you are not without some anxiousness or concerns about it, however this seems to be just the mind trying to see "down the road" and you may not have all of the view completely formed just yet.

    The Fool (trust) is below this decision, so that shows you are walking in trust, that is your general means of approaching this decision, so that is good. You may be feeling a little "foolish" about it i some way, however it seems that you are in this situation for a reason and that trust seems to be the lesson somehow.

    Above is death (transformation) so this is working over you, from on high. This is sort of a "recombining" elements in new ways energy or idea... so, this move represents something very important to you, and will change one aspect of your life into another, metamorphosis, there is something you need to see "transformed" in your life and this move seems to be a key toward seeing that occur.

    Behind - 6 of Swords - this is very peaceful and calm energy... quiet so you have been pondering this for some time, and making this journey was not something you arrived at overnight, it has been brewing for a while.

    Approaching - The 10 of Cups - yay! That is super emotional high, so something is about to enter your life (as a result of this move) that will be incredibly exciting for you! Passion! NEW environment! Just what you need right!? This is what they pay money to see in the movies.... happiness like off the charts. You had hopes that this move would result in an improvement in your life, well, that is putting it mildly. Don't forget to come down to earth once in a while to say hello to us mortals though! 🙂

    Future environment - The 4 of Pentacles - this move will land you in a VERY stable environment, materially, financially, this is foundations materially. So that is an excellent aspect of this decision. Security... a new home... a new environment where life is WORKING the way its supposed to.

    Outer Influences - The LOVERS - holy smokes. This is like the icing on the cake. Oh, I'm sure this is only something to do with how much you have cherished this dream to relocate, make this move. I am sure it has nothing at all to do with a NEW LOVE in your life! I am sure it is only about how much you love seeing new places, and checking out the variety of new flora and fauna in that area ...and nothing at all to do with an absolutely amazing NEW RELATIONSHIP that is probably the whole reason for the move in the first place... I will let you figure out what this card means here haha.... whatever it is, it is NICE NICE NICE...

    Hopes and concerns - The 3 of Pentacles - this is WORKing out great! This is more pentacle energy and it is VERY strong, solid work, income, something very good for you that this move will bring into your life that you have longed for. So this is great...

    And the Outcome - The QUEEN of Pentacles - Hooray! This is it! This is the best card for you, as this shows a very mature, developed, dependable, materially and physically and financially ABUNDANT setting for you. This is the absolutely best card possible here that says YES YES this all looks so fantastic.

    So, yes... this all looks so wonderful to me... I am feeling some incredible things for you in this move. Like, surprises, and GOOD ones... even aspects you had not anticipated, out of nowhere. I think the reason for the move, the real reason is somehow to do with that Lovers card. and this is something that means so much to you, this move is a SYMBOL of new birth, and a dawning of a totally new phase of your life. So you may at times leading up to it, wonder whether it is the best. Well, I don't have a crystal ball, however I do see some fantastic cards here and I would rate this move 5 stars... for you...


    Something you cherished... something so longed

    something you found... something, a song

    Something you planned, something you missed

    Something you fanned, something, a kiss

    Something you dreamed of, something hoped

    Someone you love, someone you know

    A journey by water, by boat and by plane

    A new chapter opens, a new wax and wane

    A life of sweet heaven, a life you deserve

    A love from the stars, a nice concierge

    and the door opens for you... dear Elaine

  • Well i couldn't have asked for a better result for my reading, thank you so much for that extra boot of confidence that i really need for me to get on with this move.

    Thank you. :O)

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