Hello Astra, may i ask you a love reading again please?

  • I meant to say, pray if you like! That is your choice... I just meant it in a sort of personal 'whatever that means to you' way to talk this out with your own guardian angel.

    I love angels.

  • Thank you!!!

    I think that working on relationships means to communicate, try to solve problems together and to listen to each other?) And i want really to do it! But the problem is that, he was kind of rude, and if i always tell him, what i feel or think, he holds everything in him, he can't say even sorry(( he is stubborn, even if he now misses me, he will still ignore me((

    Astra , you wrote "Lot's of male energy too, a lot. 2 Knights and 2 kings, (me? I think I would let this simmer on the backburner for as long as I liked... a very long time maybe.)" Sorry , i don't understand good enough this, the meaning , did you mean it is not so bad? , it is symbolizes people or actions? Right now he is still the only my interest.

  • Hi Marishkaa

    Well, this is more my own thoughts than cards. I hear your heart, you must really have a thing for him. So that no matter what happens you still feel drawn to him?

    I think my comments like "leave him on the back burner " are really sort of testing how much you want to keep working with him. THere is nothing wrong with working on relationships. I think sometimes we wonder whether the effort leads anywhere. However, if you feel something for him and you feel a connection, then you probably simply can only love him from where you are, remain patient. Wish him openness. I will pray that for him that he can open up and tell you how he really feels.

    All of the male energy, yeah, I don't know. 2 kings and 2 knights and I felt Like I was looking at an army. Seemed a little formidable. Could be his walls maybe?

    Oh Marishkaa, I want so much to see something nice happen for you. With him. This is a bump in the road, you two are dialoguing and discovering new ways to communicate. Even if he clams up, and doesn't respond.

    I wish I could say more, I am not really the best to talk to about relationships, I think they are a beautiful path. Its just that they are some effort sometimes. Maybe they are always work. Its just that when you are long distance like you and him are, then everything is centered more on feelings and words, and purpose.

    Sigh. I wish you and he had something else in common that would give you some play time on line together. Some sort of game or something. I am just kicking around ideas.

    He could be facing some emotional challenges, who knows. Maybe he is not sure what he wants. Have you two talked at all about long term plans or anything like that? What are the two of you looking for in relationship?

    I would keep the faith no matter what... all you should really listen to is your own heart. What I say isnt going to matter in comparison to that.

    I think if we love someone then we will always be in love with them no matter what.

    Blessings, marishkaa! hope that is something for you... 🙂


  • Astra, thank you very much for such warm words and your support!

    I think your advice is really good about back burner, because it is now a good time to figure out my feelings, while i am on my own. We talked about future at the beginning of communication , but then all became more chaotic!

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