Hello Astra, may i ask you a love reading again please?

  • Astra, i have asked you some time ago about my relation with a boy from internet. We are still communicating, there was no however real meeting, but i want it (but not ready now).

    Could you tell me what is happening between us right now? I don't understand him, sometimes i think that he is not serious (and i blame him and we quarrel), what holds him nevertheless with me chatting? But he does speak about meeting. Do you think this relations have any future or they will fade away soon? I think i need him more than he me. What do you think?

    Thank you much.

  • HI Marishkaa

    I looked at this, and will share... this is a celtic cross...

    In general, there are several heavy wand cards, 8,9 and the 10, so PATH and choice concerns are very intense. It would seem, that there is a lot of emphasis or concern over this path with him and it could be having some adverse consequences, in other words, you could be trying to push things a little too hard.

    Situation - Queen of Cups - that is you, so the issues have to do with you and how you are responding to this person and not so much with him.

    Crossing, Chariot, so you really want to see things move alone with him.

    The 8 of wands is also below you and that only makes it more intense. To get answers, to se something happen, to find out what is going on with him... this could be driving you a little too much.

    Above is the 10 of Wands and that again shows your thoughts could be really swirling over this and that is making it difficult to see the situation clearly perhaps.

    Past (fading) is the Emperor so that seems to be some aspect of him, you could be seeing him as somewhat in charge of the relationship or hindering its development.

    Approaching - the Devil - so this card seems to be another sign of urging things forward to "meet up" and get the show on the road. All of this together seems to spell that the "attraction" element is really placing your path perhaps a little too weighted on seeing something develop with this guy and that may be clouding some judgment.

    Future environment - 3 of swords - Hmm, I have to say in context that this card (being the only sword in the spread, and a problematic one) seems to be sort of a warning to calm matters down...

    The "outer influences" card is the other heavy wand, and that is the 9, so sort of a sense of defending this relationship, or making a claim on it...

    Then the hopes and concerns, and perhaps advice in this is the 3 of Wands - so at last we have some relief here in the matter, and that seems to be to reduce the intensity to a 3 wand level of path concerns, so what I get from all of this is to RELAX the matter and be content with the relationship right where it is at. Don't try to force things, you will only torment yourself (Devil) and you push too hard and you are heading for Heartbreak Hotel (3 swords).

    The final card is the Queen of Pentacles, and that is YOU taking care of YOU, physically, and seems to also be encouraging you that something will happen in your life that brings physical pleasure, comfort, material well being. However I did not see any male cards in any of this only two Queens, so I think the focus is on you right now and how you handle this matter.

    The fact that you mentioned quarreling is indicating that someone is pushing things a little too much. I would relax and enjoy a "reduced level" of involvement until you feel really happy about him and the relationship apart from how many chats emails so forth you get. You can also be open to others too you know, this guy isn't the only fish in the pond.

    Hope that helps!

    Peace, astra

  • Hello AstraAngel!

    Thank you very much, i will follow your advice. I am also beginning to realize that i push him too much, and all this thoughts, you are right, i have them.

    And i decided now to concentrate more on study, not to think too much of him.

    Astra, could you tell please , is there any time frame in this reading? (for example future environment position - this has some time?)

  • Dear marishkaa

    I am not that good with time questions... to me, there is no such thing as time. Only changes. Yesterday is the same as today and tomorrow, there is no difference. We are all eternal beings living in all times at once. To me.

    I would say that the time frame is whenever God decides it is best for you, how is what?



  • AstraAngel, thank you for your help!

  • Astra, Hello! Could you help me please.

    I think i got to the point of 3 of swords. The was a quarrel with him, he said he is interested in another girl (because there is no progress in our "relations) and i was jealous(silly i know) and hurt and said that i want to stop our talk, but at the same time he was very friendly and loving with me. So i decided to take a pause for some days, to think and not to talk with him. (He said ok, but i think that he is offended because of this)

    However i so much want to tell him that i need him. But i can't promise him that i am ready for our relations.

    So , do you think it is right not to bother him, so that he probably forgets me or concentrates on another girl? or i should not take such radical step?

    And please , i saw you did a reading in the thread "did a choose a wrong boy" . Could i have it also please? With him and for example with someone else (whom i don''t know). Or just with him.

  • so, i just wrote him that i miss him(( Probably i am selfish and think only about myself

  • Hi Marishkaa

    I hope all is well with you considering all that you have shared!

    Well it sounds like you sorta answered your own question by writing him ... so you are on that path, running through the forest chasing love!

    Okay... center card Queen of Swords crossed by Ace cups.... past is King of Cups... ahead is 8 swords and 3 swords... so some thinking! Pondering your path with him, with love, with anything really. 3's and 8's are very similar energies, very searching, and honest, So these are good cards for you.

    Above is an Ace Pentacles. so that seems to show a strong desire to start the physical pattern, home, finances, the physical life... the 3 of Pentacles also shows up in "hopes and dreams" so that is very much a longing card for home, stability in family, security patterns.

    The outer influences is Hanged Man, so I do think the influence you are receiving from the Universe right now is "suspend" or just be calm and serene, something about the situation is out of your hands, so you can relax and let matters evolve as they should.

    The outcome card is Universe! So, that shows that all is going as it should, fulfillment in your life on all levels is ahead for you.

    So you have not met him yet in person? It is interesting that the swords across the center seem to be picking up on the "internet" aspect of the relationship, and then there is the Ace of Earth and the 3 of Earth (hopes and dreams). so that sounds to me like you are yearning to experience the relationship physically.

    The Universe card at the last seems to be encouraging to me, to just take it a step at a time... all should work out and it looks like it should be with him if I am reading this right.

    K cups in the past... you are the Queen swords... and there is a queen of cups in the Hanged man... then the 4 cups in the last card, that all sounds nice for a cup relationship!

    Maybe you could try sending little packages to each other... gifts, or anytihng... love seems to ask us to try different things to say "i love you" to someone...

    As for you writing him... I think it is nice. We have to think of ourselves before we can start thinking of someone else, being kind to ourselves...

    As for him verses another, I will circle back on that, this was just a reading on you and your path, where you are at... I will share more on the "did I pick the wrong boy" question!


    Take what I share with a grain 'o salt also marishkaa... what do I know? I am not an expert on these things I can assure you! I like to look at the cards though and see what they say....

  • AstraAngel thank you for an interesting and surprising reading!

    You know, i sometimes think that he is not sincere with me and that i need him more than he me. That's why the positive outcome Universe surprised me.

    No, we haven't yet met in person, but i really wish to see him. Thought that maybe this Universe is a meeting in reality finally?

    I thought that 3 of swords is a hard card? Emotional troubles, no?))

    Right now i decided to suspend like you suggested. Will take time to think.

  • Marishkaa

    I don't personally associate the 3 swords with heartbreak. I mean it can mean that, any of the swords can mean that... I try to stick with a more logical approach which is simple 3 + thinking.

    8's and 3's are "growing" numbers and swords are generally associated with air, or thoughts. So that is simply "growing thoughts" about something. Not really good or bad it all depends on what you are thinking about I guess.

    As for who needs who more... I guess we all have different reasons for how we relate to one another. The Universe could be that meeting. I think the Universe is simply "all of life" or sort of a way of seeing your situation as part of a larger picture or something. It is a very positive card and can certainly mean a conclusion or happy ending!

  • Thank you, Astra for your help)!

  • You are so welcome Marishkaa!

    As for my interpretations of cards, I hope I don't across dogmatic, there are no right or wrong interpretations... I only have opinions and some view... and even that is always changing! How wonderful! 🙂

  • I like your interpretations, and you are right) For example as for thinking, i think i sometimes think too much. And now i hold this situation in my mind and try to make a logical decision.

  • Hi Marishkaa

    Let me see if I can help with that logical decision.

    Your situation - Knight (4-foundations) of thinking

    Companion - 4-foundations of feelings

    Above/below - Emotional foundations + affirmation in thinking + affirmation in path + A new physical pattern + affirmation in love/emotions

    Past/Ahead - Growing thinking about this / Path/role foundations + a new feeling or relationship

    Future environment = Affirming the physical pattern (home/finances)

    Outer influences = Affirming path

    Dreams = Crossroads of thinking

    Outcome = Crossroads of feelings, intuition or relationship

    Reading this together I would say...

    "Your present situation has you establishing foundations of thinking along with foundations of your feelings. You are really trying to think solid, practical, no nonsense thoughts and feelings. Your conscious thoughts are mostly affirming love, and then path and thinking, and you cherish a hope for a new physical situation.

    Emotional foundations in your life seem to be your major concern.

    You have been thinking about this situation in the past, and ahead it appears that this opens out into a SOLID path for you, you see clearly what to do, what to choose. There is a new feeling, intuition or relationship being offered here also.

    Your future setting is very nice, very balanced and simply material life, no nonsense, nothing overdone. You are happy in this setting. You could see a move here.

    The Universe is helping you by balancing and affirming your path.

    Your dreams are at a crossroads of thinking.

    Your outcome is at a crossroads of feeling, intuition or relationship.

    You are heading for a decision for sure. And an emotional one. As for the "logical" decision, that would seem to be the following:

    Make sure your path is solid (4).

    Whatever this decision is, it appear to either involve a physical move or you are affirming something like a new physical home situation. And it has the Universe helping you by affirming your path.

    So, what this says to me is that you are going to be guided without having to think about things too much. It will just happen. You will make the right choices, you will find your path established in love certainly. Looks nice to me!

    There are a lot of "affirming" indications for you, so I would be tuning into those things that cause you to say "yes" in your heart, and that should be reliable.



  • Astra, thank you very much for the support!

    Yes, emotional problems concern me great and i really clearly decided , i think, what to do.

    Interesting about a move -because i sometimes think about going somewhere for a while, to make a pause. And more i even sometimes think to find job in another country, but deep inside of me i know it is probably not a good idea!

    It would be wonderful to be guided, it is what i really need! Thank you)

  • Hi marishkaa

    Let's look at that... I will share what comes up and you can weigh it out.

    You are wondering "Interesting about a move -because i sometimes think about going somewhere for a while, to make a pause. And more i even sometimes think to find job in another country, but deep inside of me i know it is probably not a good idea!"

    So with those concerns in mind, I will draw 10 cards and see what shows up.

    Situation and companion card - 6 Swords and Knight (4) cups

    Above / below - 10 Pentacles and 2 swords

    Past / ahead - 3 Wands and 2 Pentacles

    Future environment - STAR (4 pentacles + Ace swords)

    Outer influences - 4 cups

    Dreams - King (3) cups

    Outcome - Hanged Man (4 cups + Ace wands)

    This all does look to me like a move, or travel, or taking a break for you!

    Your conscious mind is "breaking out" (10) of a physical pattern, so that sounds like you are thinking of taking the chance to relocate if need be, maybe even to another country. You are wanting to break out of some sort of limiting physical setting I think.

    The setting for you right now is a 6 Swords + Knight (4) cups. We have 2 male cards here, both of emotion, so I am thinking that your guy is certainly there in your thoughts. However these are energies for YOU that are helping you, it sounds like 4 emotional stability is showing a lot in this reading. I think the fact that your boy is not physically around is actually HELPING you emotionally right now, it is helping you mature emotionally in some nice ways.

    The Past shows you "growing" (3) in path, role, intention. Ahead is a 2 Pentacles and that always does see to indicate a desire to move or "affirm" a physical "new" thing and travel is one way to do that.

    The future environment + the outcome cards seem to show the nature of this place you go to, the Star (hope) and the Hanged man (reflection) - so water seems to be a theme here... so maybe somewhere near water, ocean... I think you really want to take a break to reflect on things...

    Outer influence is 4 cups again, that is emotional stability and foundations, so the Universe is really developing your emotional side right now.

    Dreams - King (3) cups, so that is "growing" emotionally...

    I really think you are being helped by him somehow, a lot of emotional growth and foundations in your life are coming about, We saw that in the other reading (with the little 31 card deck) that he was helping you to attain a higher perspective (Congratulations Goat card). So somehow this situation with him is helping you develop emotionally is what I get, And a move or travel or something like that does seem to be indicated.

    Also... look at this... your only wands in this reading are in the past (3) and the last card (Ace wands within the Hanged Man). So that sounds like you discover something important about your path, goals, purpose, role for you ... when you take this trip and reflect. What do you think?





  • Thank you again, AstraAngel!

    I can only say that you are very right, especially about breaking out! i need to change my life.

    And yes, water, i want much to the see ).

    He really brought many emotions in my life, although not all were good, but at least now i started to reflect on what i really want in relations and that i need to be more mature and take things more seriously. Happy to hear about emotional stability, because it is what i need now! Thank you. You are very friendly!!

  • Hello, Astra!

    Sorry to bother you again ( and again about him. Please may i ask ? We had a quarrel and..deleted each other from friends and he even put me on block list. So, do you think it is all? I don't think that he will want everything back? and me? will i be able to forget all this situation soon??

  • Hi Marishkaa

    Oh, I am a little sad to hear that.

    I did a reading for you and I will give you the short version.

    Outcome: The 3 of Pentacles.

    Whatever this relationship is, is taking you to a place where you will be "working" on your relationship. Do you kinda know what I mean, when I say "working" on the relationship?

    Lot's of male energy too, a lot. 2 Knights and 2 kings, (me? I think I would let this simmer on the backburner for as long as I liked... a very long time maybe.)

    Lookin' out for you Marishkaa.

    Well, I mean, I am simply looking at the cards and trying to share what comes to mind. I hope it helps...

    blessings, astra

  • You should pray about this between you and Heaven Marishkaa. I would just whisper to the wind that your path go to the loveliest place possible. Perfect for you in every way! And cast yourself headlong into the arms of angels and the universe of stars... the love you have for him, that is really a love for divine things, the realms of nicest feelings that we are meant to experience as divine children of the universe.

    So, I know Marishkaa that your life is always in the arms of the angels and the heavens around you. Regardless of what has transpired with this gentleman.

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