Hello Astra!

  • Happy New Year to You! I How are you? I hope the year started well for you!

    Nothing much has changed my end, except that I have filed for a divorce and things are taking their course... I just read the reading you did for missashley84 and I am impressed. Would you mind doing one for me?

    Thank you so much Astra.

  • Hi Pivoine,

    Nice to hear from you and I hope things are well over your way!

    Yes, the New year is well under way and I am expecting great things for all this year! 2013 should be breakthroughs...

    Okay on your situation. I went ahead and just did a reading for you and posted an audio recording for the reading. I am not a great typist although I pretend to be able to type... so I am searching for another way to share a reading with people that may be a little easier for me. I love to do the readings, but I am not crazy about having to type all the time. (I am not a touch typist I kinds hunt and peck fast).

    So here is a link to that file, see if you can listen to it:


    The admins here may delete it, however I thought I would try.

    Here it is again in crypto in case they delete that one...

    tinyurl dot com / ainfuvh

    See what you think, I saw some really wonderful things for you!

    Blessings, I hope you are doing well, and I know your life is just getting started in some fantastic new ways...


  • Wonderful! Thank you so much Mike, it worked! Are you sure you were reading the cards and not my wishes? 🙂 You are really good at this and I love your voice! So warm and poised and reassuring... You are very gifted.

    I have been drawing and painting a little, I would like to share with you but I don't want to post anything here. I am glad you are optimistic about 2013, I try to be too, and after your reading, I have no choice, ha, ha. Your reading is for 2013, is it not?

    Wishing you all the happiness you deserve.



  • Yes Pivoine! 2013... any day now!

    I wish you every happiness too, I can't think of anyone more deserving to find the true love she deserves... you are becoming a little girl again I think. Maybe I am too. I had always thought I might be female deep down... haha... I would love to see what you are creating, I am sure I will have that chance. I still have that one painting of the lilies for you... when the time comes to get it to you somehow. Reminds me of you.... 🙂

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