Fellow card reader would love a general reading

  • I read for others but can never make sense of when I read for myself. Just a general " upcomming" year reading would be muchly appreciated!! Thank you

  • Hi missashley84

    I will take a shot at this for you!

    I am trying something new here, a spread that looks at your year from the top down, like a pyramid. So the first card at the top represents the OVERALL theme for your year, and that is the

    Page of Swords. So from that I would say that messages, words, communicating, sharing, connecting with others intellectually, taking some risks in your thoughts (maybe some new ideas too!) along with a generally innocent nature.... a lot of laughter and happiness connected to this communicating "theme" for your year. So I would say dialogue and verbal expression is an area that is very important for you this year.

    Then, the next row, I broke the year out into 2 halves, 6 months each, so now we can start to look at what all of this "communicating" is all about - and it is very beautiful emotional and love related! So your first half of the year (which you are now into) is all about communicating and expressing thoughts and ideas and connecting with others and this is a VERY happy time for you! A lot of friendships, fun moments, the next 6 months are a most auspicious time for you in love matters. Helping others in love, and finding yourself helped in the process.

    I think you are really enjoying a time here of watching your words and how helping others, reflects back much happiness. You are seeing how wonderful your heart's words to others helps them, I mean this is such an amazingly happy time for you. Learning to see how beautiful your words are to others, and hearing some of the most wonderful expressions coming back your way!

    Then... the second half is the Knight of Cups, so this love theme, communicating continues into the second half, and from the celebration atmosphere before, your life enters a time where there is wonderful movement in these ways. Like, taking off, something about your words of love and the way you communicate now takes flight, and you find yourself swept into even a deeper realm of love. There is a little break about midway through the half year time, where you perhaps catch your breath. Then it continues moving forward, into the second year.

    So, communication and it is centered in love and emotional life seems to be the year in general.

    Now, I broke each of these half years into 2 cards each to open those up more - and it looks very nice!

    Somehow, this communicating and expressions of messages is WORK for you, could be income, somehow this is connected to employment possibly. LIke a work where communicating emotional themes has a rich reward connected to it. And then the Ace of Wands, a very strong beginning of a role, a new path of creativity, that has all of that emotional connectedness and communication going on. This could be the work (3 pentacles) turning into a new path for you. In general it seems that whatever you are doing now (communicating and expressions of your heart, very celebratory and happy... translates into WORK and a NEW ROLE for you that is super-fun and exciting!

    Then, the second half this continues and we see the first major arcana card appear for you, wow, this is amazing, the High Priestess! So, this emotional time for you that you are working out of, expressing and communicating very sincerely and nicely, translates your life into this new form of being... the High Priestess who is on top of her game and doing extremely well for her self (the continuation of your "new role" is now revealed as the High Priestess). This card also typifies commerce and business and travel, so I expect to see you traveling more in 6 months or so! This is all a part of this love communication work of yours, could be all a part of your reading, and helping others with emotional development. This is a role you love and this is something that makes you so happy!

    The Knight above of Cups. Could be a person of great significance who is also a part of your life in this period. And the last card on this row is the Queen of Swords, who is the Princess of Swords we saw at the beginning "all grown up". So this marks quite a journey of discovery for you, as your efforts to communicate and share and express your heart - taking risks - being willing to be wrong (never will that ever be a problem for you, take every chance you can to speak straight from your heart you can never go wrong). This Queen of Swords is the "way" the High Priestess reveals herself to her world. VERY confident and smart where it counts, wise beyond her years.

    There is a Knight Cups connected to this High Priestess and Queen of Swords. Somehow the relationship issues you are communicating and helping others with, is come back to you in this relationship. So not only are you expressing yourself as a princess of Swords to others, about love, this expressing of yourself manifests in your own life. So that as your words and thoughts and ideas about love go out to others, the Universe seems to reward you with your own relationship that is evidence of your sincere, innocent efforts to minister and help others.

    The cards are all very "light" and bright cards, so your life is likewise very light and bright and beautiful in this year. We see no "problematic" cards, these are all very bright and expressive of your path's communication abilities. I want to say your reading for others really goes into a new professionalism that is quite extraordinary, you find a "niche" in love, and this new approach really turns you on, and others as well. You will help others like never before, and your rewards of work, and a love life for yourself you never thought possible will also be out of this world.

    You can see how the High Priestess also represents a "break" in the action like the little "break" we see in the middle of the Knight of Cups above (the blank space in the card). So there is something that happens about the early part this time span, about 6-7 months from now, that is a nice long relaxing time for you, perhaps a lovely vacation overseas, somewhere beautiful you have always wished to visit. Bright white sandy beaches somewhere. Very nice, extended time, could be with this Knight of Cups!

    I hope that offer something for you to consider! I would say in general this next year is going to be the happiest time you have ever experienced in your life.

    Loving others... as a great communicator... this Princess of Swords finds herself in love.



  • Thank you for the reading Astra, but I find it very confusing lol.

    Because communication is not my strong suit. I am actually very guarded and private and do not talk about my feelings to anyone. So communication as a career, would never be an option.

    And as far as this first 6 months go, well it has sucked so far. Ive dated 2 guys who have been complete aholes, excuse my language so Ive basically given up hope on love. Hopefully your cards means it will get better but as of right now, Im not having all these happy moments the cards show. I also have no plans to change careers, I have a very secure job that I love.

    Thanks for the read though, maybe itll all make sense in the future 🙂

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