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  • Hi Blmoon,

    I know you are busy and I don't mean to be a bother but I would really appreciate your thoughts on a situation going on at my house. Daughter is in love, involved with a new man who on the surface seems nice enough. But lately I'm noticing he is pushing her not physically (that I know of anyway) but emotionally to the brink of a break down I fear. He is pressuring her for something, to make changes which in all honesty may not necessarily be a bad thing. But you know how it is when your mother's intuition sparks and it just won't leave you alone. I'm there right now. There is more to this guy, to his past, to his reality not the one portrayed to me. Maybe it just isn't any of business but when my daughter and granddaughter well being are an issue I make it my business. Not feeling well and the emotions of some really spent issues with my daughter leave me a bit out of sync for perception or perhaps truth is I don't want or am afraid to trust my gut on this. I'd really like your thoughts on the situation. Do you get any feelings? See anything I don't or perhaps that I should understand better?

    Last night the pressure began and her tears were flowing and he kept pressing, I had a real sense that there was something evil or at least manipulative at work. Since he's been around, I also get the feeling ocassionally that there is someone standing at my doorway peering in at me. I don't know if someone who is following him or attached to him or if it's a warning for me to be aware. He's a former vet or so I'm told and I feel there are drugs at issue also. I could really use your input. And again, sorry if I'm catching you at a bad time.

    Hope you and your stratocaster are starting the year off with a real blast. I've been contemplating buying a guitar for myself. I played or rather played around with a guitar in my youth and I was kind of thinking it might be cool to revisit that interest now that I have a bit more time to give it and need something frankly to fill that time.

    Stay well dear friend and please see and respond to this post when you can.


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  • Blmoon I'd just like your take on this guy. I know you are busy. And as a mom, I may misread some things but I am concerned for my daughters well being and that of her daughter as well.

  • Hello RCdreamer, I know i am not Blmoon but i do have some thoughts and feelings to this or some intuition if you like.. The man of your daughter seems to be quite shallow and i think he has a lot of anger in him he might be trying to persuade something that your daughter does not want to be doing. Because she feels she has not the money to be doing what he is asking. Its just a feeling i am getting i think he maybe very controlling and has a lot of issues running through him. I get a feeling of abandonment too and a lot of insecurities i feel he is clingy and likes to know exactly hows she feels and what she is feeling about certain things. He is definitely quite pushy. Im not sure if this is all right.. Maybe you could talk to her about this but there is a lot hidden things beneath the surface. You have a right to be worried especially if he is acting this way towards her you are her mother after all and just want whats best for her. Also keeping her safe is a motherly thing to do and its quite alright to see if they're is anything going on within their relationship that makes you all feel uncomfortable. If hes making her cry there is something that is going on that you need to check out. Maybe have that Mother-Daughter talk with her and see if shes alright.

    I am not getting that many good vibes about him but im sure they're is some good sides to him too.. Like being very affectionate but that maybe partly due to his clingy nature. Just becareful and if you have trouble talking to her you could always send her love and prayers from the side lines. I know its difficuilt when they find someone to love and start making plans for a new life or way of living but sometimes these plans can be a bit too rushed also depending upon how long they have been together. It could be too much for her. With whatever he is pushing her to do.

    I think she just needs your motherly love and a good heart to heart talking. I think theyre is no reason why you shouldn't ask and just to check if she is okay and for her to know your always theyre for her. You have a big heart RCdreamer.. and you a very giving woman who just wants the best for people. Whatever happens im sure things will turn out exactly how they're suppose to and maybe your daughter will find away to get through this too herself.

    Love N Light

    Bee xx

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  • Please Blmoon see this post. Please.

  • Hey RCdreamer I hope i havent worried you too much these are only just feelings and glimpses.. Honestly it would be good for the two of you to talk. I dont know what blmoon's doing but she maybe busy and part of me is thinking you know those answers for yourself you just have to dig deep sometimes to search for the right ones. Your a strong woman RCdreamer and you have a lot of inner strength. You can manage this because i have read a lot of your posts seeking divine intervention. but really you dont need them you have the power inside to help yourself and those around you. you just have to unlock it. We cant always rely on the outside to help. I know i do sometimes too but sometimes we have to make our own judgements about things. I know for me i was asking for Blmoons help to but maybe she sees something in us that we dont know for ourselves. Sometimes she cant always answer the questions for us that we have. even if she did we would still need to find our own Decisions and try to follow our gut instincts about things. i know you have done it before on many occasions. as you are very intuitive too. I just realized that actually i can manage without blmoons help and i have with the past year. I just use the information given to help my own intuition descide which is the best course of action to take. Do not doubt yourself to much your also very wise and know whats best for your family. You can make the right choices you just have to think somemore and maybe do some meditation to see if you can figure things out. would have to have a calm mind.

    Blessings and Love Bee xx

  • Bee,

    That's an awesome message of encouragement and I thank you for that. I was not taken back by what you said, if anything I found myself kind of intrigued that you seemed to pick up some of what I had been feeling too. Right now this guy concerns me. Not because of his power but because of his influence on my daughter and what that influence is doing to our relationship to that with her own daughter and disrupting the family bond on many levels. Nothing that feels like this feels can be done for the greater good. I cannot believe that and I won't. There are too many secrets within this guy and with what my daughter is holding back claiming he is something that he is not rather than admitting the truth and hoping for growth from that situation for him or them or whatever. Lately I am keenly aware of his affect on my granddaughter sense of security and on my own peace of mind in my own home. On top of that the dog is responding to him in a negative manner, growling even snarling before he even enters a room. Now I can be paranoid I admit but I trust children and animals to see a person in ways only innocence can and neither of them is responding well to this guy, to this situation. This is not to say things at home before he came were perfect, you know that as well as anyone.

    Daughter goes through these stages of love and each time she falls for another one, it escalates. Each time she tries to say it is me that is responding negatively. Although I will admit there are times I feel that way I know it is not I who is causing the division between us. Now she can treat me badly and plan your evil plots against me or to hurt me. She has done it before because she is a kid who knows how to push my buttons. But now she is hurting her own child knowingly or not by her actions, her attitude, her mean=ness. It is a very sad thing to see a child not want to spend time with their mother. It is even sadder when you know it doesn't have to be this way. This is a blatant attempt to push me away and in the process she is harming an innocent childs spirit and sense of security. I spent a long time talking to the little one over the holidays trying to convince her that mommy does love her. She is 5. There should be no doubt in her mind about her mothers love. As for me, daughter has grudges. Each time she wants to fight she reaches for times in the past that are painful and throws them up. Well I resolved this go around that I will not fight about things of the past, the past is the past and cannot be changed. I realize she will never forget how certain things made her feel real or not but I would hope at 25 she might find some space in her heart to forgive on some level. But I am beginning to think that will not only never happen but that that is precisely what she wants to make known, to be cruel, hateful. It's sad. Does it break my heart as a mother ? Sure it does. I am working on ways to live in spite of this pain because I cannot allow her to take my light, my spirit, my well being with such negativity and vindictiveness. Each day I try to be thankful and although I am thankful for times in our past that brought us strength together now I can only feel I should be thankful for moments of peace in spite of our coexistence. I love her but right now I don't like her, her 'tude or maniupulative ways not one little bit. If only she could see the expressions on her face maybe then she might realize how truly ugly she is being.

    So with all that said I reach out. Yes you are probably right Blmoon and the universe itself is looking for us to resolve our own issues and not ask for so much help. But when I am hurting I have a hard time trusting my instincts, I'm a worrier by nature and with that said I ask for insight into what this mans agenda really is. What is it that daughter expects to gain when its all said and done? And what will become of our beloved little one in this process?

    In no way do I want to cause that child pain. I want to protect her at all cost, provide for her as best I can and be a part of her life where we find joy in the love of one another as being her grandmother is a true gift to me. I used to say my daughter was the greatest gift I ever got and I meant that but I don't care for the woman she is becoming. There is a part of me that wants to compare her to a banshee almost. I am sure I spelled that wrong but on the outside to some she seems perfectly normal until she lets out her evil squeal and then everyone in her path is in danger. That is kind of how I feel right now. It's heart breaking.

    I am not at all pleased with how this year has begun, it has been very draining emotionally, physically and more. I know it is a period of growth and growth is hard and takes its toll at times. And just as the seed that must push its way to break the ground above to spring forth in its beauty and reach for higher vibrations and be guided by the light of the sun I am going through this process. Hoping, praying the good is on the horizon, that life has a way of leveling out and when the dust settles what is left behind won't be so bad and the hurt will have subsided. Dear Lord help me to grown. Help me to seek the light and find nourishment around me for my heart and soul and body. Help me to breathe in the fresh new air of a new day of a day of opportunities, days that have the aroma of goodness in the air. Please let me put the hurts, pain and ugly ways behind me once and for all so that at least the rest of my life can be without such suffering and heart ache. Please make it so.

    Blmoon, Bee, others, I am open to hear your thoughts, I want to know your feelings, I need to find strength in myself to push through these trying times. And I can do that. I appreciate the support and advice but I can do this. I am worthy of peace, of abundance and of light. I am worthy this I know.

  • Hey Rcdreamer you have a lot on your plate right now I can understand your feelings, I had troubled getting along with my mother too but we are doing well know that I have moved from my home. It's better but not perfect. It is hard to see your daughter like that I feel your pain and sadness and heartbreak because of it. Your open mindedness brings you the ability to heal yourself through this trauma and we both have that in common with the worries because I worry a lot too. Your granddaughter has a beautiful spirit all bubbly and kind she has the strength to carry her through this time because she has some kindred spirits that will help her along her path. You can be their for her and encourage her be her guidance to the world that is spirit. But in the real world she will have to learn how to deal with things that is difficuilt especially if her mother is as you say she is. Sometimes what hurts us makes us stronger . The little one will have her own challenges too but she will be fine. I'm sure your daughter would see sense if anything did happen to her because of her current partner. Just be cautious and keep an eye out. Sometimes people think they pick the right partner and it can be just because of the looks and because they are lonely. I guess it's difficuilt to judge isn't it sometimes. You can send your loving light to your granddaughter a protective one so that she can feel comfort when she needs it. It may make her feel stronger in herself to know that someone is there. I'm sure she knows that your their for her I can feel your very special to her and that will really help you being their. Things happen for a reason sometimes we need people to come into our lives to teach us something maybe this is what your daughter needs to be a wake up call from the universe just see it as divine intervention from the way it's planning out and I'm sure it will turn out as it is meant too. Is difficuilt I know but you have us to help you you know where we are to give you that life. But you have that power just pull it from the earth and it will surround you. Keep you grounded.. Rcdreamer you have good intentions and are a shy but lively soul you mean well just be cautious and keep yourself save too. Xxx

  • 🙂 Keeping you all in light, and love, maybe he will leave soon, "hoping."

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  • Matters have changed but not for the better. I'd really like your input. I'd also like to know if any of my angels are present lately? I sure could use some universal assistance in dealing with all the stress at home.

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