Captain Help

  • Two young dogs of mine got out Sat. Got a call from a man who has one of them. He said the other got hit. Spirit is showing me two owls in water Sat eve. I asked Spirit where they were and I got Willows Play. He told me the area my dog got hit in and my dog is not there (it happens to be by willows.) Anyway, I looked up the street Willows Way and it's by his town. There's an irrigation business on the street. Do you pick-up anything regarding this.

  • Are you saying the man said your dogs were in another town? I do feel one dog was injured. I feel someone took him away, maybe the local council. Have you collected the other dog?

  • He said one was hit and died, however, I can't find him. He wanted the other dog and said he would keep him inside and wanted to take care of it. I said yes. I've had a hard time keeping them inside the fence and they don't know how to get back once they're gone. Yes, he lives prob about 25-30 miles away. He picked one up and took home--the other--don't know. Do you feel someone may have taken the injured one to the vet.

  • No I feel they may have removed his dead body, sorry.

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