Capt need advice about job

  • Helllo capt I was hoping you can give me and my coworkers some advice or any insite abour our postions. The situation is becoming unbearable for some of us. I understand the need to layoff employees because of the economy but they are dumping all of the other work on us and we dont have the time to do our job properly and a couple of us are only part timers (me included) We are feeling burnt out and yesterday I found out that the admin for the reg mrg has thrown us under the bus. (we are looking for other jobs but so far nothing has manifested itself for us to move on). We are doing work that is not in our authority and yet the general managers in our branch offices do nothing to ease the load that there managers should do. They have cut our salaries by $1600 year and one girl has already had a heart attack because of the stress. We have tried talking to the gm's but nothing has changed. any advice or insite would be greatly appreciated.

  • I feel the management is only interested in saving their own skins. Get out as soon as you can since the situation is not going to improve for you all because of the selfish uncaring motivations of those in charge. The company will suffer if many people quit and they deserve to do so because of their lack of care to their employees. At the moment they feel they can do whatever they like to you and you all will just take it.

  • Thank you capt that is what I thought also. (but with all the emotions running around I didnt trust my own feelings) so quietly as not to jepordize their jobs any further I told them I would help them with their resumes and I try to give them words of encouragement for a better future but it is hard because of all the fear they are feeling.

  • They need to trust they will be taken care of - not by management but by a Higher Power.

  • Just wanted to give you an update capt

    I have already helped one of my coworkers revamp her resume and she is feeling some what better still tired (she was the one that had a heart attack) but seems in better spirits

    i also told her to take time to rest and heal and she has been doing that. I have also revamped a couple of my resumes and have sent them out and I am revampimpimg my biz cards for my freelance work so hopefully I will be out of that place soon.

    Thank you again capt it felt really good to help her

  • Good for you, and your co-worker!

  • Hello Capt some good news!!! I wanted to share for some of my coworkers 3 found new jobs and one retired. I am so happy for them. especially my cohort in the branch office she seems so much more relaxed and happy and she told me that the stress that caused her heart attack is all but gone

    but I heard thru the grape vine that 2 of the heads of the company are coming to our branch to introduce a new venture that they trained some of our guys next week. But they are keeping the paper work that will need to be done quiet. I have a feeling they are going to dump it on me and the office manager and of course we will not get any training on it. It will be flying by the seat of our pants so to speak . I wanted to speak with the head of our company about higher pay for both of us & giving me the full time hours because I cant do anymore work on a part time basis. I also wanted to speak with him about payroll deduction to pay back student loans.

    I was told he is a listener (even though I think he is a little out of touch with the branch office workers) Do you think I have a shot at speaking with him? I know he is only here for a short time but I think it would be a big morale booster if he could implement a payroll deduction plan.

  • You must make sure you speak with him.

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