Please Please could use some guidence

  • Hello,

    Well could really do with some guidence at to moment where am I going and what do I need to do.

    Im Capricorn dob 05/01/57 , unusully for me very confused what is happening ???????

    I do do readings but cant do for myself

    many thanks

    love and light in the current and fast moving times

  • hi;

    it is good you mentioned you are a capricorn because your birthday is not in American date format.. as a matter of fact you just wrote your birthday is May 1st 1957 but I think you meant January 5th- is that right?

  • Hi,

    Really sorry I am from England and yes my birthday is 5th January 1957, a capricorn and desparately in need a of a reading to start me off in the right diresction again please could someone assist I have what seems many paths that want attention but I do not know which to action first please could someone help me



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